XMLBlueprint 6.4.0415

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XMLBlueprint 6.4.0415
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XMLBlueprint is an award-winning XML Editor for only US $119.00. It is easy to learn, very fast, and it has many high-quality XML development features, only found in high-priced competitors. xmlBlueprint's unique context sensitive XML Completion will help you create valid XML Documents, DTDs, Relax NG Schemas, XML Schemas and XSLT Stylesheets in no time. You can run XSLT transformations and preview the transformation result in the built-in output window. It runs under all modern Windows versions (Windows '98 or later). The XML editor supports Unicode on all these platforms, which means you can edit and validate XML documents in almost any language.

Key features
Syntax coloring -- Syntax coloring is automatically shown in all XML documents, and HTML, CSS and javascript files. You can customise the colors that are used in the Color Preferences dialog.
XML Formatting -- To make it easier to scan your XML File the Format button reformats your document by indenting element tags. Choose your own indenting in the Indentation Preferences dialog.
XML completion ('code completion') -- If you have associated your document with a DTD, Relax NG Schema, or XML Schema, XMLBlueprint will suggest a list of permissible components based on your current location in the document. These are visible in a context-sensitive dropdown menu that opens as soon as you start typing. You can select the required element from the dropdown menu. The closing bracket is automatically set, as well as any required attributes or child elements. You can adjust these setting in the XML Completion Preferences dialog.
Validation -- At any time during the editing process, you can click the validate icon or hit F8 to validate your document. XMLBlueprint reports an error in the output window below the editor. Clicking the red error message jumps to the error, even if the error is in another file. You can validate against a DTD, Relax NG Schema, or XML Schema.
XSLT transformation -- When you are editing an XSLT Stylesheet, you can easily run the transformation by hitting F9. Fill in the associated XML Document, choose your settings and click OK. You can choose to show the output in the Output Window, open the output in XMLBlueprint or save the output to a file.
XPath expressions -- In the explorer you find a Tab for evaluating XPath expressions. XMLBlueprint provides an easy way to deal with the default namespace.
Unicode -- With XMLBlueprint you can edit documents in almost any (left-to-right) language, including non-Western languages such as Russian, Japanese, and Chinese.
FTP and WebDav -- Edit files stored on a remote FTP server or WebDAV server. You can also open files from an SVN (Subversion) server.

Other Features -- We have added many features to make XMLBlueprint fast, easy and pleasant to work with, such as:
• XMLBlueprint starts up very fast and preloads the files you worked on last.
• Try the Outline for fast selection of nodes in long documents.
• Define your own Locations for quick acces to your files.
• Use the refactoring commands for easy and fast rework on your xml: rename elements, split or join elements, or copy only the text in your xml document.
• Add your own validator or XSLT processor, or use one of the predefined Tools.
• Make your own Snippets to easily reuse text or XML elements.
• Preview your XHTML without saving the file.
• Support for OASIS XML Catalogs is provided to speed-up your validation.

homepage - http://www.xmlblueprint.com/

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