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I took a few minutes to try out this one.. Must say this is an extremely handy soft with loads of features!

Management/Backup/Encrypt Document File..
WonderFox Document Manager is an all in one documents management program. With it, you can manage your daily office documents conveniently. You can list and backup all target electronic documents in a short time, instead of searching and backup them one by one. You can protect your office documents by Lock, Hide and Encryption to to prevent accidental deletion or protect your privacy. You can also convert PDF to Word, Excel or Text Document (this feature is just on the way and will come soon).

Index Dcument Files from Your Hard Disk
If you are a officer or a company clert, you may have many electronic documents to deal with every day. And it would be boring and compalicated for us to manage the daily documents, easpecially when we are trying to find some files which are not generally used. Now, WonderFox Documents Manager could help you find and manage the target files (Word, Excel, PPT and PDF) easily and conveniently. You just have to click the "Index" or "Load New" button , and then you will get the full list of the target files. And the inner search of the software will let you get your files instantly.

Create/Manage Folders
For people who want to better manage and organize computer files, WonderFox Document Manager can greatly improve their working efficiency by offering easy-to-use file managing functions. Here we will focus on how to add new folders and manage your folders and files with WonderFox Document Manager.

When we want to classify many of our different document files or folders like our one-week work, usually we will create a new folder in our computer’s disk and move our different document files into it. However, it is really a tough and time-consuming job for us to do it, especially when have too many document files and many of the document files are located in different places of our computer. Luckily, WonderFox Document Manager can easily help you do that, you just need to click the “Add Folder” icon and then you will create a new folder immediately, the rest thing you need to do is to move any of your document files or folders from the software into the new folder to classify them easily and efficiently.

One Click Backup All of Document Files
Everybody always tells you to make sure that you are backing up your document files, especially backing up your important ducument files. However, when facing so many ducument files and many of them are important, I think many people will feel annoyed. Yes, it is truly a tough and time-consuming job to do that.

Luckily, Here comes WonderFox Document Manager, it is an all in one documents management program. With it, you can backup your daily office documents easily (one-click process), especially when you have many important document files, you can use WonderFox Document Manager to backup your important document files to avoid accidental deletion, modification or protect your privacy. You can backup your document files like word, Excel, PPT, PDF by one click to avoid losing your document files, modification or damage. With this function you can retrieve your lost file anytime.

File Encryption
File(s) encryption is your best bet if you want to keep The Man, foreign spies, or your annoying roommates out of your files. Normally, documents management software has the similar functions - Mange or backup your documents. However, WonderFox Document Manager will give you different experiences and can help you do more. In the following passage, you will learn the "documents/files encryption" function of WonderFox Document Manager.

With WonderFox Document Manager, you can encrypt your office documents easily to prevent accidental deletion, modification or protect your privacy. You can lock and unlock your document files, hide and unhide your document files, encrypt and decrypt your document files according to your needs. What's better, every operation is easy to use, you can easily protect your document files within several simple steps.

Advanced Search
Many people are annoyed by the large amount of document files in their computer’s hard drive, especially when they want to find some specified files in a hurry. Usually, we will find our target files by using the built-in search function of our computer, but it cannot support multiple keywords search. As a result, we have to find our target files one by one, which significantly reduces the efficiency of our work.

Don’t worry, WonderFox Document Manager can easily help you solve your trouble. The “Advanced Search” function of WonderFox Ducument Manager allows users to search several target files (maximally 8 keywords) at one time. When you want to find some specified files among a large numbers of your document files, WonderFox Document Manager will easily help you save your time and energy.


WonderFox Document Manager
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