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WinEdt v6.0.20110315 Portable | 9.5 MB

WinEdt is a powerful and versatile text editor for Windows with a strong predisposition towards the creation of [La]TeX documents...WinEdt is used as a front-end for compilers and typesetting systems, such as TeX or HTML. WinEdt's highlighting schemes can be customized for different modes and its spell checking functionality supports multi-lingual setups, with dictionaries (word-lists) for many languages.

WinEdt 6.0 is the official version of WinEdt. It integrates seamlessly with the latest accessories and TeX Systems (MiKTeX 2.8 and TeX Live 2009). It has been extensively tested under Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7...

Don't forget to check WinEdt's Help Menu. A few sections in User's Manual explain how to set up your LaTeX projects in order to take full advantage of WinEdt's capabilities when it comes to navigating in large projects or collecting data for purpose of referencing and citations. If used properly WinEdt will make your TeX-ing more enjoyable by allowing you to focus on the contents of your documents while transparently taking care of typesetting-related tasks...

The Options Interface (new in WinEdt 6) should be used to customize WinEdt. Read the section on Options Interface in order to learn how to use it and how to make changes to your instance of WinEdt...
WinEdt's Menu contains plenty of useful commands and many of them are associated with Shortcuts. It is strongly recommended that you take your time and "walk" through the menu. If you don't know what is there you won't know how to use it!

You don't have to study WinEdt's Help in order to start working on your TeX documents. The program is all ready to go, by default configured for MiKTeX accessories; alternative configurations (such as TeX Live) are easily set through the Options -> Configurations Menu...

Everyone, and especially users new to WinEdt and TeX on Windows, will benefit from scrolling through the amply illustrated step-by-step guide to TeX-ing in this chapter. It contains more pictures than text and is written with an unexperienced user in mind.

The User's Guide explains some important concepts (such as Modes, Configurations and Active Strings) that make WinEdt more than just a simple (Notepad-like) editor with a few TeX-related buttons. Still, if you are not interested in any such functionality you can ignore these concepts and simply use WinEdt as is.

The Options Interface (new in WinEdt 6) should be used to customize WinEdt. Read the help section on Options Interface in order to learn how to use it and how to make changes to your instance of WinEdt...
The Configuration Wizard and Execution Modes Interfaces can be used to accomplish the most commonly requested customizations. It is strongly recommended that you take a look at those dialogs in order to get an idea what can be easily accomplished. In particular, the "Diagnosis" tab page in the Execution Modes dialog will help you correctly diagnose and fix any problems with external accessories (such as your TeX system). The Options Interface should be used to manage numerous WinEdt options and customize the program to any specific needs you may have...
Most WinEdt Dialogs provide a context-sensitive help. By pressing the Help button in such dialogs you'll get relevant information pertaining to the contents of the dialog and the meaning of the available options. This information can be also accessed through the navigation bar in this help system. Again, you don't have to read it until you encounter a need to change something in the defaults (eg. background colors and highlighting effects) or if you need help on how to use WinEdt's Search and Replace functionality.

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