Windows 7 OEM Brander v1.1 Brand Windows 7, Activate using Slic v2.1

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Windows 7 OEM Brander v1.1 Brand Windows 7, Activate using Slic v2.1 | 42.68 MB

Windows 7 OEM Brander is used to brand your already installed Windows 7 installation and also activate using Slic 2.1.

Install matching Certificate and Key

With Windows 7 OEM Brander you can:

1. Apply Branding information and theme
2. Set logon
3. Set desktop
4. Set user account image
5. Set custom branding
6. Remove OEM Branding
7. Add, Edit or remove as many brands as you like
8. Add, Edit or remove Product Keys
9. Add or remove certificates
10. Install keys (also custom)
11. Install certificates (also custom)
12. Enable user account image change (reg fix) for installations that have already added custom user image during windows setup.
13. Apply to windows setup AIO
14. Apply to windows setup selected brand
15. Activate Slic 2.1 enabled PC's

NOTE: On already branded installations you may get an error when changing User Account Image (Use the reg fix in custom settings)

Brands are not hard coded so you can add or remove as many brands as you like.

Changelog v1.1:
Fixed bug in key checking

Changelog v1.0:
Added Certificates, Product Keys for Slic 2.1 Activation
Added PKeys.ini for OEMSLP keys (Can add or remove keys)
Certificates and Keys are addable/removable
Certificates and keys added to oobe.cmd for automated Windows single or AIO installations.

Changelog v0.9:
Added JetWay, Gericom

Changelog v0.8:
Added option to apply to Windows 7 Setup DVD/USB
Added UN1T
Updated EXPER(dateline), updated a few usertiles
Fixed bug in custom apply
Fixed usertilefix disable

Changelog v0.7:
Added silent switches (Not yet activated them)
Updated Casper, intel, Twinhead
Removed Dealin now (Dealin-Depo)

Changelog v0.6:
Added Belinea, Depo. (Thanks to 555LE)
Updated Asus and Toshiba brands. (Thanks to 555LE)

Changelog v0.5:
Updated wallpapers for emachines, asus, alienware
Updated lenovo png's and logon background image.
Updated theme files for better colorization matches.

Changelog v0.4:
Updated HP wallpaper, user image to HPray
Updated Sony png's
Fixed user account image change (may not work for all PC's)
Added update version check

Changelog v0.3:
Added Abit, Apple, updated intel to Generic, updated a few wallpapers.

Changelog v0.2:
Added user account image fix (to enable user image change, requires logoff) to custom branding.
Fixed Gigabyte support link (Thanks qtm for noticing).

Changelog v0.1:
Initial release.


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