WinCatalog 2009 2.8

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WinCatalog 2009 2.8
WinCatalog 2009 v2.8 | 2.67 MB

WinCatalog 2009 makes it easier to handle large collections of files such as music, movies, pictures and documents. Search various media for files without inserting it into your computer! No matter if your files are stored on a CD, DVD, flash memory card or the hard disk; WinCatalog 2009 will find exactly what you are looking for in just seconds.

Find Files on CD and DVD Discs without Inserting Them
Browse, search and organize your collection of music, videos, images or other types of files without inserting the original storage media. Whether your files are located on the hard disk or on a CD or DVD, WinCatalog 2009 knows exactly where each file is, and helps you find it in no time.

Save Time Finding Files
WinCatalog 2009 will find exactly what you were looking for in just a few seconds. No need to spend hours looking through dozens of disks! You don’t even have to leave the chair to insert discs into the computer as WinCatalog 2009 has all the indexes stored right on the hard disk.

Have more than one shelf with CDs or DVDs? WinCatalog 2009 will point you to the shelf that has the disc you’re looking for!

Organize Your Collection Easily
WinCatalog 2009 does all the routine automatically. Just insert a disc into the drive, and WinCatalog 2009 will scan the disc and index its contents completely automatically. Simply keep inserting the discs one by one to catalogue your entire collection with no effort!

Track Loaners
Never lose a disc again! Loaned a disc to a friend and forgot it? Not only can WinCatalog still search that disc on your PC, but it can tell you exactly who and when borrowed the disc! The built-in contact manager lets you track loaners easily, whether they are books, discs or anything else. WinCatalog will never let you lose a loaner again!

Main features:

* Ability to catalog any storage devices accessible from Windows environment.
* Ability to catalog individual folders on disks.
* Automatic extraction of archive file descriptions when scanning a disk.
* Scanning archives contents and adding archives to the catalog as folders.
* Support of ZIP, RAR, SFX RAR and multipart RAR archives.
* Automatic extraction of mp3, html file descriptions when scanning a disk.
* Automatic extraction of EXIF tags from digital photographs.
* Retrieval of Audio CD track names from Internet CD database (
* Support of non-file items: it is enabling you to catalog your books, videos or even postage stamps and coins!
* Individual comments for each item: disk, folder or file.
* Ability to manage your collection between virtual folders using Drag'n'Drop.
* Each item is associated with a set of keywords to increase the search relevancy.
* The catalog can be searched by file name, comment and keywords, date and size.
* (NEW) Powerful search functionality: ability to use AND, NOT, OR operators and wildcards.
* Ability to search the entire catalog or an individual disk.
* Ability to find duplicates by all or any of the search criteria.
* When the disk data is updated, the previously entered comments and keywords are preserved.
* Ability to delete from the catalog the unnecessary files and folders.
* Handy management of the lent disks.
* Ability to export and import parts of collection and the list of contacts.
* Ability to generate reports.
* Ability to generate HTML reports for sending to someone, publishing on the Web or printing.
* Ability to export any folder to .CSV file (comma separated values) for opening catalog in MS Excel or other applications.
* Ability to automatically open the last catalog when the application is started.
* Ability to automatically create backup copies of your collection files.

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