Wiley CPA TEST Bank 2011 SoftwaraZbrush Workshops - Comprehensive Introduction to ZBrush 4e

Tutorial & e-learning. July 8, 2011 by sputnik.
Wiley CPA TEST Bank 2011 SoftwaraZbrush Workshops - Comprehensive Introduction to ZBrush 4e

Zbrush Workshops - Comprehensive Introduction to ZBrush 4
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This workshop starts from the ground up and is perfect for beginners looking to get started in ZBrush as well as more advanced users who want to dive into the nuts and bolts of the program.You begin by learning how to navigate around the interface and slowly build up your sculpting skills. Gradually more complicated tools are introduced as you develop your proficiency with ZBrush.
To help you access all the information in this workshop it is divided into 6 sections:
•Getting Started
•Understanding the Sculpting Brushes
•Working with Your Model
•Texture Painting with a focus on Spotlight
•Materials, Lighting and Rendering
•Animation and Timeline
This section Covers the Fundamentals of sculpting Inside of ZBrush. It begins with an overview of the interface and navigation and then immediately jumps into the sculpting tools you will need to know to master the fundamentals of sculpting in ZBrush. Once the groundwork has been laid for sculpting the workshop changes gears and focuses on the tools you will need to create models inside of ZBrush using Shadowbox and ZSpheres. The Workshop ends with a sculpting using ZSpheres Project and then the sculpting tools Explained EARLIER to Sculpt the Human form.

Chapter 1: Interface and navigation and Projects
This Chapter focuses on the interface items and tools you need to know to start sculpting Immediately.

Chapter 2 : Sculpting: Move Brush
The brush is one Move of the cornerstones of sculpting in ZBrush. In this Chapter Quickly We ESTABLISH the shape of a Human Head.

Chapter 3: Sculpting: Sculpting Basics
Once the Basic shape is ESTABLISHED We learn How to use ALT and SHIFT to Sculpt the Internal Forms.

Chapter 4: Sculpting: Subdivision Levels
Subdivision levels allow us to add more geometry to our model and help us to sculpt more details. However, ITS Important Not too much to Add geometry right away.

Chapter 5: Sculpting: Dynamic Trim
Trim allows us to Dynamic Quickly ESTABLISH the planes of Our Model and focus on Structure

Chapter 6: Sculpting: Adaptive Trim
Trim Adaptive CAN act like a Knife to help us create consistent planes in our sculpt. Used with the Standard brush quicky We CAN create hard Edges and Corners refined.

Chapter 7: Sculpting: H_Polish
H Polish is an Important brush for Our finishing stage. It allows us to Quickly Refine the surface and clean up jagged Any left over from Edges Our blocking in.

Chapter 8: Saving Your Model
Do I save a Tool or a Project?

Chapter 9: Mask Brushes
Masks allow us to Isolate one area of Our model while focusing on another. This allows us to work freehand More in Some Areas Without worrying about How IT Will effect the rest of Our Sculpt.

Chapter 10: Edit Mode
Edit mode uses ZBrush Has confused for years. Simply click the Edit button and the last object you drew on your canvas will be editable. Stop the cycle of confusion. Press Edit Today.

Wiley CPA TEST Bank 2011 SoftwaraZbrush Workshops - Comprehensive Introduction to ZBrush 4e

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