Whisper Technology Programmer Studio v4.

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Whisper Technology Programmer Studio v4.

Whisper Technology Programmer Studio v4. // ROGUE
Programmer Studio :: develop beyond your code editor...

Programmer Studio is a fully customizable Windows code editor designed specifically for programmers developing for PC and server platforms,

whatever your language,
C/C++, C#, Java, JSP, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, Python, Perl, XML, HTML, COBOL, Object COBOL, Pascal, Fortran, RPG, Tcl/Tk etc..

whatever your target platform,
Windows, Linux, HPUX , Solaris, Tru64, AIX, HP3000, AS/400 (IBM iSeries), VAX/VMS, etc.

whatever your debugger,
gdb, wdb, dbx, perl, xdb, ccs/trax

Programmer Studio is the ultimate code editor

Version 4.4

* Code editor supports the optional display of tab and space characters
* Support for user-defined hot-keys
* Bookmarks can now be saved between sessions
* Find now provides the option t > search all open documents
* Improved C++ parser including:
> Class and function templates
> Auto-complete includes inherited methods and properties
> Auto-complete includes instanced template methods and properties
> UI elements now include class/namespace with syntax definition
> Keyword "this" is now correctly associated with the current class definition
> The class/namespace delimiter "::" is now supported as an auto-complete trigger
> C/C++ structures are now included in the project class view
* Support for relative filenames in compiler error highlighting
* File Type now includes an Advanced option t > specify a print pagination character
* URL's highlighted in the code editor now include parameters
* The up & down cursor keys can now be used t > scroll between parameter tips for functions with different parameter signatures
* The state of the Caps Lock key is now included on the status bar
* Double-clicking on an open document "tab" will maximize the code editor, hiding the workspace and output panels
* Options t > customize the toolbar and hotkey configuration now include the commands from the Vcs and Window menus
* The Languages configuration dialog box now includes a button-menu t > select known regular expressions
* Replacement text for Aut > Text triggers can now include line breaks and other special characters
* Find-in-Files options are now saved for the next use
* Fixed bug in customizable keyboard mapping which could corrupt user defined settings
* Fixed bug affecting Ctrl+Q, including customizable keyboard mapping
* Find Next (selected) and Find Previous (selected) are now included in customizable keyboard mapping
* XML conformance improved for settings files
* COBOL Working Storage sections are now included in the ClassView
* Fixed bug in compiler error detection, was incorrectly matching more characters than a MPE filename
* Read only files are now identified with a padlock icon and not [Read Only]
* Added Delete Current Line command


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