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Web Studio Portable | 528 Mb

Back to The Beach Software Web Studio is an easy to learn web design program. Even if you don't know anything about the internet, our teaching tools will help you step-by-step along the way. Web Studio has everything you need to create and upload your site. It has galleries with backgrounds, buttons, color schemes and other graphics that you can use to design your web pages. You can also use graphics you make yourself - the choice is yours.

Web Studio's easy WYSIWYG interface makes it easy for you to create a website with a professional edge. Whether you are creating a site for an office, company, organization or small business, Web Studio is a program that everyone can use.

Tens of thousands of customers have created professional-looking websites for businesses, organizations, government, schools, or just about anything. One of the best features of Web Studio is that it is a web design program that you won't outgrow. The more you learn about website design, the more you will appreciate this web design program.

Web Studio has unlimited expansion. Create your own graphics and insert them into Web Studio. Use the HTML editor to bring in your own HTML and also edit the HTML of the objects and pages of your website.
Many professional web designers use Web Studio because it reduces the time it takes them to create and build their websites.


- Incredibly easy page layout
- Just drag objects around to put them where you want to see them on the web

Handy workspace
The new ribbon interface and custom page view make it easy to find what you need

Video Tutorials
Web Studio integrates its tutorials right in the program

Master Page
Change it once--change it everywhere

Menu Maker
A completely painless way to make drop down menus out of any graphic.

Forms Factory
Take surveys, capture info, take orders, accept applications--Web Studio does all the work

Painless mashups
YouTube, Google Maps, Picasa, Flickr, Flickr Badges, Smug Mug, Twitter, Facebook

And much more...

Changes in Web Studio
- Webstudio now installs for and supports multiple users.
- Unchecking "Save Password" in the Upload dialog does not cause upload to fail.
- Heading tags work correctly.
- FLV now listed in the insert - flash command.
- Creating and deleting Sub-Galleries works.
- Menus made from rollover buttons that have the Normal graphic changed will no longer revert to the original Normal graphic.
- New LivePreview feature. Supports page, site, links, forms, and will last 48 business hours.
- Edit HTML command put into Text Tab.
- Menus no longer overwrite other menus.
- Site map issues fixed.
- A master page with a background now allows colored and graphic backgrounds on other pages without graphics shifting or button's labels moving.
- Grid lines now display properly when using master page.
- Video tutorials access from command group buttons work after subsequent viewings.
- HTML, YouTube, slide shows, and other dialogs now have scrollbars and no longer truncate added HTML.
- Form Validation and Required fields now work correctly in all browsers.
- Dragging multiple objects into Button gallery no longer crashes the program when you dragged them out.
- Added 5 new Widescreen sizes to the Page Size command 1024576 thru 19201080.
- WS displays a dialog as it organizes its files. This is a side-effect of enabling multiple users.
- Preview-Upload-Host tab added to contain the growing options around previewing, uploading, hosting.
- Forms Tab has "Test Forms". It is synonymous with LivePreview, and uploads into an environment that suits forms. This enables the user to test forms, send data to themselves, and have other people use their forms.
- Links Tab now has "Test Links". Similar to "Test Forms" above.
- Paypal currency fields work properly now.
- The font size in menus now match that of the main menu item.
Links set to open in new windows behave properly.

Homepage: http://www.webstudio.com/

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