we change the way we work

NEWS. June 26, 2010 by CONFiG.
  • Post Updated 26-06-2010
  • we change the way we work

    we change the way we work, no more publisher here, no more submit article without validation, ALL MUST be checked and validated to avoid duplicate article, cheater poster, inproper post template format, and must follow strictly our publishing rules here.

    all member will be threat fair as long as your post is follow the rules

    yes CONFiG work alone here validating article and active poster, but only with this way this site can be better :)

    fuck im lazy, submitting article closed ! only selected member only :)

    otherwise you can post at forum http://downloadbox.org/forum/


    any problem or sugestion, feel free to contact me smile

    forgot my bad english grammar, as long you understand all is okay right :D


    • kbsg
    • [26 June 2010 22:31]
    Wow! Great just great! This is a good decision! Though some posts may go, it is the right thing to do! And this will go well with the site moto! "Quality over quantity"
    Great work and keep up the super work :)
    And many many many thanks for all the posters and config! DLB is one of the cleanest sites!!! Thanx again and DLB will be my home page :)
    atm im validating 1k article, be patient :D

    CONFiG, serving downloadbox since 2008 !