Wave Corrector Professional Edition v3.6r1

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Wave Corrector Professional Edition v3.6r1
Wave Corrector Professional Edition v3.6r1 | 1.25 MB

Wave Corrector uses advanced digital processing to remove noise from old analogue recordings and to create digital audio files. Files can be transferred to CD or to a digital library. The program runs on the Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 platforms and on LINUX under Wine.

De-Click Vinyl Records

» Wave Corrector employs sophisticated noise reduction algorithms to remove many kinds of surface noise including repeating clicks, ticks and plops. The click eliminator provides accurate audio restoration by reconstructing the original audio wave from measurements of the phase and frequency content. In the Professional Edition, individual click corrections can be manually adjusted to optimise the corrected wave.

» A hiss removal option removes background hiss from music cassettes and reel to reel tapes.

Manual and Timed Recordings
» Direct recording from within the program allows the material to be placed on the hard disc where all the other program options are available. The timer option allows you, for example, to make unattended recordings of radio broadcasts.

Track Editor
» This automatically divides the recording into numbered tracks and allows editing of track boundaries.

Fade in/out
» This provides for automatic or manual fades at track boundaries. The fade times can be varied to optimise the start and end of tracks.

Correction Editor
» Audition and edit individual vinyl clicks.

Audio Filters
» A range of filters are available to improve sound quality. These include a rumble filter to remove very low frequencies generated by some turntables and treble lift and cut to improve the overall sound balance.

Cut and Splice
» This powerful technique allows unwanted noises (eg a cough by a member of the audience) to be silently removed.

Graphic Equaliser
» Use to adjust the frequency response or to remove interfering tones, etc.

Normalise and Channel Balance
» Recordings can be automatically adjusted for optimum level and balance at any point in the program.

Homepage - http://www.wavecor.co.uk

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