Warhammer 40000 Armageddon v1.04 Update-SKIDROW

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Warhammer 40000 - Armageddon v1.04 Update
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Warhammer 40000 - Armageddon v1.04 Update info:

New features:
• Added Window mode. Check "Windowed" in game options. You can now size game window, move it around the screen and even stretch across several monitors. Uncheck this option to return to normal mode.
• Added Fullscreen mode. Press Space to toggle UI panels over tactical map on and off.
• Unit list is now sorted by core/aux and then by class
• Added stats comparision in Purchase screen: better stats in the second column are marked green, worse values red. When there is no clear advantage (e. g. 1-2 vs. 2-3 range), no marking is used.
• Improvements in MP interface:
o private challenges are listed after public ones
o all lists can be sorted by any column by clicking its header
• Replay opponent's turn option in Multiplayer should work now (new games only)
• Added new audio to the game:
o Briefing music
o Environment sounds during each mission (volume of this sound track can be changed separately from all the rest using Environment slider in game options)
o Victory/defeat music
o New turn sounds
o Button press sounds
• Improved damage indication: during combat, both inflicted damage (white number) and killed strength (red number with skull) are shown, for each weapon individually.
• Improved death sequence: when a unit perishes, it fades out slowly instead of disappearing, and death sound effect is played.
• Improved AI turn presentation
o Map no longer jumps around
o Enemy units appear when they move out of fog of war, not in advance
o Flags change when they are captured
o Morale changes after combat which affected it
o Other minor tweaks to make AI turn easier to observe
• Combat animation speed can be changed in game options using Combat Speed slider

Unit Balance Changes:
Imperial units:
Price of all Macharius tanks has been reduced by approximately 100 each

Space Marine units:
Salamander Firedrake squad size reduced from 20 to 15. Hit point rating increased from 2 to 3
Salamander Stalker, Hunter, Razorback with Heavy Bolter, Razorback with Lascannon, and Whirlwind tanks all given the support trait and price reductions.
Salamander Vindicator vehicles defense raised slightly
Hit point rating of all Salamander vehicles that are not land raiders reduced from 5 to 4
Salamander Thunderfire cannon given the support trait
Salamander Land raider transport reduced in price to 300
Sanguinary Cost price increased by 200 to 760

Ork units:
The following Ork units have gained the leadership trait: Nobz, Weirdboyz, and all Squiggoth beasts
Normal Squiggoth movement speed increased to 4
Price of Mega Armored Nobz increased from 250 to 450 and spotting reduced from 3 to 2
Price of Nobz increased from 125 to 175
Goff Klawstompa reduced in price from 1400 to 1100

Weapon file changes:
Multi-Melta Power increased to 60
Icarus Stormcannon Array and Skyspear Missile Launcher weapons completely reworked
Icarus is now a very high rate of fire (6) no penetration (0) support weapon that has significant range penalties (-20% per hex)
Skyspear is now a low rate of fire (1) high penetration (50) support weapon that has no range penalties when firing across multiple hexes.
Whirlwind missile penetration increased to 20
Accuracy rating for Heavy Stubber weapons raised from 50% to 75%
Punisher gatling cannon increased from 6 to 8 rate of fire
Heavy Flamers now have the Siege trait.
Increased Rate of Fire for Stormbolter weapon

Other Changes:
Ogryn and Ogryn Veteran units are now available for use in the campaign, multiplayer scenarios, and solo play scenarios!

Additional Changes:
Fixed an issue where Side 2 unit availability was not properly registered to the associated file for all multiplayer maps.

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