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Warhammer 40000 - Armageddon v1.03 Update
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Warhammer 40000 - Armageddon v1.03 Update info:

Issues fixed:
- Fixed zero range weapons showing 48 as their range.
- Fixed combo box in Options screen.
- Changed FPS limit to 60 fps
- Fixed handicap slider not working correctly in Multiplayer
- Fixed wrong strength of unit if it ended previous scenario in transport.
- Fixed AI issue where AI units remained stationary and did not attack player's positions.
- Added manual writer to Credits
New features:
- Added unit details screen. Right-click a unit on the map or in unit list to invoke.
- Map can be zoomed using +/- and PgUp/PgDown hotkeys. * restores 1:1 zoom level.
- WASD can be used to scroll the map in addition to arrow keys. Disband has been rebound to Del hotkey.
- Added Ctrl+S/L hotkeys for save/load
- Each UI button tooltip now includes the corresponding keyboard combination.
- In confirmation popups it is now possible to use Enter for OK/Yes and Escape for Cancel/No.
- Added tooltip to Replacements showing replacements count, cost and experience change.
- Added tooltip to Rest and Refit button, showing hit points and morale effect.
- Added tooltip to health bars showing numbers for current/max strength and hit points.
- Added final credits screen.1.02 to 1.03 Changelog
- Added quick save/quick load via F5/F8 hotkeys
- Added unit rename: select a unit and click its name.
- Added cheat interface (single player only). Press Alt+Ctrl+Shift+C to invoke cheat box.
Unit Balance Changes:
Imperial units:
Price of the Hive Militia Autopistol and Autogun squads reduced
Price of Leman Russ and Leman Russ (armor upgrade) reduced
Leman Russ Conqueror price lowered and speed reduced to better represent the Conqueror cannon with less firepower but more perks like increased speed and accuracy
Basic models of Imperial Super Heavy tanks made slightly cheaper (Macharius, Baneblade, Banehammer, Shadowsword, Stormsword, Stormblade, Bandesword)

Space Marine units:
Venerable Dreadnoughts have gained the Leadership trait, increased stats, and increased prices
Salamander Firedrakes now behave like Terminator units for transportation purposes.
Ultramarine Terminators in Act2 have access to proper Land Raider transports.
Damocles unit reduced in price considerably
Price of normal Land Speeders, armed only with 1 heavy bolter, reduced considerably
Price of all Ironclad Dreadnoughts reduced
With all the infantry team improvements, Space Marine Assault teams no longer need their 3 HP per strength point bonus so it has been reduced to 2 HP

Weapon file changes:
Added Ripper Weapon
Added Ripper Club
Vanquisher Cannons and Baneblade Cannons now have Rate of Fire of 2 up from 1
Medusa Siege gun minimum and maximum range both increased by 1 (2-3 now 3-4)
Medusa Siege gun rate of fire increased from 2 to 3
Medusa Siege gun gained the trait 'bulky'
Ork Zzap gun gained 20 penetration rating (up from 0)
2 Big Lobba increased from 3 to 5 rate of fire
Gargant Soopa gun redesigned for better artillery type stats: Range is now 2-4, power is 50, penetration is 0, rate of fire is 4

Scenario Changes:
Added a hint message to help explain this mission's mechanics.
"IDS_MESSAGE7 Scenario Hint: To determine if a location contains any survivors, move one of your units on top of the Victory Hex markers. Not all of these locations will contain survivors and generate an ownership marker, so be prepared to inspect more than one location!"
Removed some invisible cliffs.
Triggers have been changed to check at different intervals for survivor presence

"Scenario Objective: Control all three Victory Hexes while and wait for additional orders."
changed to read
"Scenario Objective: Control all 3 Victory Hexes until new orders arrive."
Added a few Ork scout units to incite the advancing Orks to continue their assaults
Added a few Ork infantry to the attack waves
Changed an attack trigger from 'all map' to 'zone 2' to better control Ork behavior
Greatly expanded the size of zone 2

Objective text updated to match victory triggers:
" IDS_MESSAGE0 Scenario Objective: Control at least 5 Victory Hexes at the end of the scenario."

Scen13: Updated mission text to reflect 3 Victory Hexes present on the map, not 4

Other Changes:
Wyvern mortars no longer appear to aim horizontally. Attack graphic adjusted to match.
Updated tiles for Editor have been integrated

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