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MACOSX, Mac OS X Games. June 5, 2012 by Anonymous.

Dogfights 2012 by iEntertainment Network from scene group MONEY.

Release Date : June 2012
Game Type: Flight sim
Release Size : 1.6 GB

Dogfights 2012 is a fast action simulation where the player lifts off and is right into the Action. No searching for a battle in Dogfights 2012 The Battles come to the player And it is a true simulation that will task all the players skill to learn enough about combat aviation to survive and prosper as a Fighter Pilot With simple action in the Arcade Level, challenge for the experienced action flight sim fan in the Pilot Level, and the ultimate conflict in the Ace Level, players of all ages and skill levels with have fun over and over with the varied and exciting missions of Dogfights

Dogfights 2012 Enhanced Graphics gives players fast-flying combat aerial fights across the embattled skies of Europe and the Pacific during WW II with a brand new graphic system, with more polygons and more detail in the aircraft, the terrains, and all the special effects. New sounds, new tracers, new explosions greatly enhance the Dogfights 2012 EG experience Players can choose among 100 historically accurate aircraft to battle an armada of incoming aircraft in thousands of unique action packed combat mission combinations.

With Dogfight 2012s dynamic game engine, no two air battles will ever be the same. Imagine a dogfight with you against 10 MeBf-109s youre low on fuel, your ammo is running outonly your airspeed, altitude, and your steely self-control will keep you alive on the Ace level Get in some shots and get out or you die

Gamers choose one of three levels of pilot expertise: Rookie, Veteran, or the highly skilled Ace. In each air battle the player can score points, build rank, and acquire medals to compete for the coveted title of WGFP Worlds Greatest Fighter Pilot

Players can fly over multiple historical terrains including England, Europe, and North Africa, including many of the great cities like London, Paris, and Berlin. Players can participate in Pacific battle campaigns over the Philippines and Midway terrains

Players who purchase Dogfights 2012 at retail also get a 30-day free trial in the aerial combat MMOG WarBirds where players can compete in air-to-air action against other real players in online combat and join online squadrons. They can go on raids with their squadron mates and participate in reenactments of many of the great air events of World War II. Online WarBirds can be found at Players can learn how to manage air-to-air combat online in real time, and to fly with live personal trainers by logging into the online arenas of WarBirds

Dogfights 2012 sets up a series of historical mission types and terrains. In each mission type and terrain, hundreds of random missions are generated for the player to fly so no two missions are ever the same In the list below of Mission Options the player could choose any Mission Option and the only things that remain constant are the terrain and the number of enemies. The types of enemy aircraft, where the enemy aircraft takes off from and where they head for their missions are randomly generated from a table of probable real missions of World War II

The player gets to pick from one of six aircraft to take on the enemy on each mission

The single player campaign can also be used as a gateway to the world famous massively multiplayer online game WarBirds through the free month's worth of playing time included for that game.
Aerial combat simulation featuring all the great dogfighting battles of World War II as well as over 100 realistically modeled World War II aircraft and the ability to fly for the Axis or Allies in a full campaign for victory.
Dynamic mission generator with unlimited solo missions, ensuring that no two missions are ever the same.
Every mission is scored for kills and mission success allowing players to win rank and medals in your quest to be the World's Greatest Fighter Pilot (WGFP).
Unlock bonus missions by racking up successful mission accomplishments, and enjoy new bonus missions downloadable every 120 days.


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