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Tutorial & e-learning. May 19, 2010 by Neit84.
VTC.com - WordPress Blogging Tutorials - iRONiSO

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Gender: eleaning - Author : Geoff Blake

Get up to speed on the premiere blogging platform, WordPress. In this course, you'll learn the skills and techniques needed to effectively install, run, and maintain a WordPress blog. You'll discover an array of options for creating, editing, customizing, and publishing posts and static pages. You'll learn how to create lists of links and maintain a blogroll as well as how to view, moderate, and manage comments. You'll then delve into customizing your blog before going even further with widgets and WordPress plugins. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

Course Overview (02:10)
Understanding WordPress
What is a Blog? (04:39)
What is WordPress? (05:44)
How a Blog Functions (04:22)
Setting Up a Free Blog on WordPress.com (04:30)
Activating Your Wordpress.com Blog (02:16)
Setting Up a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog (06:27)
Touring the WordPress Interface
Viewing the Dashboard pt. 1 (03:17)
Viewing the Dashboard pt. 2 (04:27)
Customizing the Dashboard (04:12)
Viewing the Posts Category (04:43)
Opening the Media Library (02:03)
Exploring the Links Category (03:47)
Viewing Pages (03:55)
A Look at Comments (01:44)
Displaying the Appearance pt. 1 (03:23)
Displaying the Appearance pt. 2 (03:12)
Viewing the WordPress Editor (03:56)
Viewing Installed Plugins (04:29)
Exploring Users and Tools (04:31)
Settings (01:45)
Creating Posts
Writing a Post in the Visual Editor (05:22)
Saving Drafts and Previewing Posts (03:46)
Formatting a Post pt. 1 (06:23)
Formatting a Post pt. 2 (02:46)
Inserting Hyperlinks (05:01)
Editing Hyperlinks (03:37)
Using the Kitchen Sink Toolbar (06:23)
Setting Publishing Options (05:30)
Publishing Your Post (01:38)
Understanding Excerpts (03:28)
Understanding Trackbacks and Pingbacks (03:56)
Additional Posting Techniques
Editing Published Posts (06:20)
Adding a More Link to a Post (05:52)
Touring the HTML Editor (06:01)
Using the HTML Editor for Posts (05:29)
Editing HTML Posts (05:59)
Adjusting Writing Settings (05:40)
Password Protecting a Post (03:58)
Removing a Password (01:31)
Adding Media to Posts
Setting Media Options (05:28)
Inserting Images into Posts (06:20)
Setting Image Options (02:57)
Editing Inserted Images (05:03)
Image Editing Options pt. 1 (05:28)
Image Editing Options pt. 2 (02:33)
Image Editor (04:16)
Including an Image from a URL (05:45)
Adding Images to the Media Library (03:52)
Inserting Images from the Library (03:06)
Adding Video pt. 1 (04:32)
Adding Video pt. 2 (03:38)
Auto-Embedding Video (03:41)
Adding Audio Files (03:50)
Inserting Other Types of Media (03:29)
Managing Your Media (05:13)
Working with Categories and Tags
Getting Started with Categories (04:37)
Creating a New Category (04:24)
Applying a Category to a Post (04:48)
Another Way to Create New Categories (03:18)
Determining a Category RSS URL (04:05)
Creating Parent Categories (02:35)
Setting the Default Category (03:16)
Applying Tags to Posts (06:21)
Working with Pages
Understanding Pages Versus Posts (04:24)
Editing the About Page (05:24)
Creating New Pages (05:34)
Controlling Page Order (05:37)
Using Page Templates (03:47)
Creating and Managing a Blogroll
Getting Started with the Blogroll (04:16)
Adding Links to the Blogroll (04:24)
Editing Links (01:43)
Creating Link Categories (03:11)
Adding Additional Links (02:53)
Viewing Comments and Adding Users
Viewing Comments (04:45)
Admin Comment Display (03:43)
Moderating Comments (06:12)
Setting Discussion Options (06:42)
Adding Additional Users (06:27)
Getting Started with Blog Customization
Editing Your Profile (05:18)
General Options and Privacy Settings (05:17)
Changing Reading Settings (03:53)
Setting Permalinks (02:43)
Customizing Permalinks (04:59)
Changing Your Theme (06:02)
Exploring More Themes (04:57)
WordPress Theme Directory (06:06)
Working with Widgets
Understanding Widgets (04:51)
Adding Widgets (05:22)
Going Further with Widgets pt. 1 (05:00)
Going Further with Widgets pt. 2 (02:37)
Creating a Custom Widget (06:48)
Working with Plugins
Understanding Plugins pt. 1 (05:29)
Understanding Plugins pt. 2 (02:00)
Exploring New Plugins (05:51)
Installing Plugins (06:30)
Wrap Up (01:21)
About the Author (00:52)

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