Vocabilis 4.0

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Vocabilis 4.0
Vocabilis 4.0 | 3.85 MB
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Vocabilis is an advanced flash-card vocabulary builder for Windows XP®, Windows 2000®, Windows Vista® with unique features. Its principle task is to help you as a language learner to build a strong vocabulary in the language(s) you are studying.

Vocabilis's main feature which makes it stand out among the many other similar programs is its innovative stage-by-stage words learning scheme that makes the program a highly effective tool enabling the learner to easily memorize large amounts of foreign words, expressions and phrases.

What is the stage-by-stage learning scheme?
Unlike most vocabulary-training programs Vocabilis organizes vocabulary training on a three-stage principle. Every vocabulary item passes all the three stages. The first stage is called Learning, the second one is First Repetition and the third one is Second Repetition.

This scheme is particularly useful for learning large word lists (at least 100 items). The learner can choose among two preset settings : Drilling and Brushing Up or set all configurable options him/herself.

For example, the user can separately set the number of words the program will be choosing from to show him/her at every stage. Thus, a large word list is divided by the program into small easily memorizable portions.

homepage - http://vinidiktov.com/openbook.htm

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