VisualSVN For Visual Studio 2.0.2

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VisualSVN For Visual Studio 2.0.2

VisualSVN For Visual Studio 2.0.2 | 3.42 Mb

VisualSVN - a transparent integration of Subversion version control in the development environment Visual Studio. Provides complete control over any changes in the project, created by you or your colleagues. With VisualSVN you can view the history of modifications and restore previous versions of the project. The program was created based on the open source version control systems Subversion, which is actually a standard system memory for software projects. The program includes many tools and services, such as a system of review of coding and hosting providers. With VisualSVN you unlimited use of these tools and services.

VisualSVN is a Visual Studio plugin for Subversion integration. VisualSVN adds transparent and professional source control to the most widely used IDE on the Windows platform. The main aim of VisualSVN is to simplify usage of Subversion on Windows platform. Watch the quick "Getting Started" demo and learn how simple Subversion can be! VisualSVN is designed to help you master all important source control concepts by providing the right tools at the right place. It is well recognized as a stable and robust Visual Studio plugin. It is used by Fortune 500 companies, hi-tech startups, Microsoft MVP's and famous open-source projects. VisualSVN doesn't introduce a new version control system, but makes the standard Subversion easy to access for Visual Studio developers.

VisualSVN Features:
- Easy to Start

With VisualSVN it's easy to get started with Subversion in both personal and corporate environments. Watch the quick Getting Started demo and learn how simple Subversion can be!

- Add Solution to Subversion Wizard

To get your source code versioned all you need to do is to click the "Add Solution to Subversion" main menu command. The rest is basically Next-Next-Finish.

- Easy Subversion Server Installation
There is an accompanying easy-to-install Subversion server with built-in Windows Authentication support. Learn more about VisualSVN Server.

- TortoiseSVN Integrated into Visual Studio
Use the de-facto standard and the most convenient Subversion user interface on Windows platform.

- Convenient Access to All Subversion Commands
Get access to all Subversion commands from main menu, toolbar, solution explorer and editor window.

- The Same Client Subversion UI Outside of Visual Studio
With VisualSVN you use the same Subversion user interface inside and outside of Visual Studio.

- Advanced Status Display
No more dirty commits. Stay always informed about all changes within your working copy.

- Status for Everything
Integral status is displayed for any versioned element in the Solution Explorer including files, forms, aspx-pages, folders and virtual folders ('filters' in Visual C + + projects).

- Status Anytime
VisualSVN displays integral working copy status at the Visual Studio's status bar so you can easily keep an eye on any changes in your working copy.

- Quick Diff
See your changes in the realtime. All changed parts of a file are marked right there in the Visual Studio editor.

- Navigate Between Changes
VisualSVN allows you to navigate easily between changes in a file. Just press Ctrl + Shift + Up / Down Arrow keys and jump to the previous or next changes in the file.

- Keep Your Work Always Under Subversion
No more incomplete commits. VisualSVN automatically puts every created item under Subversion.

- Put Newly Created Projects under Subversion
VisualSVN automatically puts all items of newly created projects under Subversion. Standard intermediate and output items such as obj and bin folders are ignored by default.

T-ransparent File Management
No more trouble with complicated file renaming. VisualSVN allows you transparently rename or move any item in your solution. Complete history is preserved.

- Transparent Refactorings
VisualSVN allows you to perform refactorings transparently by standard Visual Studio means or third party tools (such as ReSharper). Complete history is preserved.

- Drag & Drop, Copy & Paste and Save As
VisualSVN allows you to perform transparently advanced file management operations such as Drag & Drop, Copy & Paste and Save As. Complete history is preserved.

- VisualSVN Toolbar
The most used VisualSVN commands are placed on a toolbar.

- Current Working Copy URL
With VisualSVN toolbar you always know which branch you are working on. Also and you can easily switch, branch and merge from there.

Filing of all the sources of the project in one place greatly simplifies the work - to join the project or restore any old version, you only need to check the repository. VisualSVN is designed to help manage source control concepts, providing the necessary tools in the right place. VisualSVN easier to work with Subversion for users of Visual Studio. By integrating Subversion into Visual Studio, VisualSVN improves performance and reduces the possibility of model error.

With VisualSVN close to each file in Solution Explorer, Visual Studio appears clear tags (note that the decision should be in the repository Subversion). These tags indicate when the file was changed, when they were abolished changes or when the conflict occurred. File, you can click the right mouse button and bring the changes to roll back the changes, update or use.

With VisualSVN menu you can manage changes to the entire project. VisualSVN menu also contains links to the normal functions of TortoiseSVN, as repo-browser, create and apply patches, log output Subversion, as well as branching, merging and switching stores. One of the most important principles of dynamic development - check often and in advance. Carrying out the integration as soon as possible, you'll find all the possible problems the merger, and if to implement continuous integration, the entire code will be collected and all tests will be performed. VisualSVN makes frequent and early verification of its close integration with Visual Studio-you all the time will recall that there are untested changes. No reason to procrastinate: changes can be checked directly from Visual Studio.

We are delighted to announce the new and improved version of the professional
Subversion integration for Microsoft Visual Studio - VisualSVN 2.0.

This release brings improved performance and full compatibility with Microsoft
Visual Studio 2010. Our focus on rock-solid stability and polished usability
continues in VisualSVN 2.0.

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