VisualARQ for Rhinoceros 4 v1.0

Software, Graphic & Design. November 22, 2009 by Dizel.
VisualARQ for Rhinoceros 4 v1.0

VisualARQ for Rhinoceros 4 v1.0 | 39.1 MB

VisualARQ is a fully-integrated plugin that adds architectural tools to Rhinoceros V4+. Using the accessible and intuitive Rhino interface, VisualARQ provides tools for architects, planners, and interior designers that make the architectural design process and its documentation easy. VisualARQ adds parametric 3-D architectural objects like walls, columns, doors, windows, and stairs that are suitable for both 3-D modeling and 2-D documentation. With VisualARQ’s feature-based editor you can create and edit your own smart/custom architectural objects. VisualARQ integrates easily and intuitively into your design work flow. You can work in two or three dimensions and view the 3D model or the 2D representation at the same time.


Link and update data automatically

Designed with architects, planners, and interior designers in mind, VisualARQ:
Displays a standard 2D architectural representation of the 3D model.
Generates documents that combine drawing plans, the three dimensional model, and data tables.
Links and updates drawings and data after each modification, saving time and minimizing errors.
Defines parametric architectural objects that you can edit at any time.
Automatically updates walls when door and window objects are moved, modified, or removed.
Calculates wall intersections automatically.
Uses wizards to create and edit architectural objects. A preview window shows modifications in real time.
Includes a library of parametric standard structural profiles.
Import and Export object styles to access to your libraries from any 3DM file.

Create any wall shape
VisualARQ walls are based on Rhino NURBS curves, so walls can be straight lines, arcs, or following free-form curves.
Trim or extend walls to any surface representing a ceiling.
Edit a wall’s base curve to deform it using Rhino Universal Deformation Technology (UDT).
Turn any Rhino solid into a VisualARQ wall for total shape freedom.
Insert doors and windows into any wall shape.
Use Boolean operations to customize VisualARQ walls, slabs, and roofs.

Create custom doors and windows
Create door and window styles with 2D and 3D representations for Plan and Model views.
Define custom profiles for rough wall openings.
Changes update the model and drawings automatically.

Manage multistory models
Create and delete floors.
Specify the elevation, height and cutting plane values for each floor.
Filter the information display to show only the elements corresponding to a specified floor and the construction plane to the correct elevation.
Create sections and elevations as well as specific door and window elevations that update automatically after any changes.
Door and window elevations also appear dimensioned and referenced using symbols on the plan drawing and table.

Automatic area calculation
Linked spaces automatically adjust to changes made to their defining walls.
Documentation tables are linked to the drawing data.

VisualARQ includes SAVANNA3D, a set of over 1000 detailed 3-D models in 3DM format, with collections of commonly used objects grouped by type or function. These collections bring together an extensive and complete library of Rhino blocks prepared for architectural and interior design.

Assign a different material to each component of the object, making it easy to render using different materials in the same object.
VisualARQ and Savanna3D are 100% compatible with any render engine that supports Rhino 4.0.

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