Visual Search Pony 7.52

Software, System Tools. April 20, 2011 by Dizel.

Visual Search Pony 7.52 | 7.22 Mb

Visual Search Pony introduces a revolutionary visual search technology for finding video and images by their visual content such as color distribution, texture and shape (also known as image and video fingerprinting), rather than file size and checksum.

Why Visual Search Pony?

Imagine you have several copies of a certain movie in different folders of the hard drive: one in .mkv, one in .3gp and one in .wmv. An ordinary duplicate file finder that compares file checksums will not be able to find the copies. Our program compares the visual content of video files or images to detect duplicates, so you can easily detect copies even if they have different scale or encoding.

Duplicate image search
Renamed, edited and moved instances of the same photo: what can help to get rid of file confusion and remove duplicates? Our Visual Search Pony can help you remove all garbage from the hard drive and make your computer life easy.

Just start a scan of picture folders and sit back. The program will analyze and compare images within selected folders and arrange similar items into groups automatically. And that’s not all! Visual Search Pony will also identify an original file and copies in each group by comparing the last modification date and put a tick into a checkbox next to every duplicate. Once that’s done, the only thing you’ll need to do is to click the Remove button to delete all duplicates to the trash, without having to view and compare files yourself.

Duplicate video search
Trying to find and remove duplicate video files can be daunting, especially if you do it by hand. You need a great amount of time to view and compare clips. However removing duplicate video can be a lot quicker and easier for you if you automate the search process using our Visual Search Pony.

The program relies on the newest content-based video fingerprinting technology to find duplicate clips by content, rather than filename or size. When you start a scan of the selected folder, the program literally “watches” every video within, compares with other clips and shows results as a thumbnail list. The search is fully automatic, so you can relax and enjoy the process. Similar to image search, the program identifies an original in each group and checks duplicates, so you can remove them instantly.

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