VinylStudio 7.5.4

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VinylStudio 7.5.4

VinylStudio 7.5.4 | 3.6 Mb

VinylStudio is PC software purpose-built to digitize records and tapes. It can: record your LPs and tapes; split them into tracks; look up track listings over the Internet; remove clicks, hiss, hum and more; burn both audio and MP3 CDs and DVDs; copy tracks to your MP3 player or iPod; organise your music collection.

VinylStudio 5 has a number of enhancements, including:
- write track listings to audio CDs
- burn 'gapless' CDs
- de-click several albums in a single operation
- export track listings to your favourite CD-cover editor
- much improved file import / export facilities
- many detailed user interface improvements
- full support for Windows Vista 64 bit

VinylStudio Readme, V7.5.4, 11Aug10

This version of VinylStudio incorporates support for FLAC files and
much else. Details below.

Current version, V7.5.4

This version no longer deletes your click repairs and filter settings
if you edit a recording outside VinylStudio. This was causing
problems for some users.

There are also some other detailed changes:

- VinylStudio is now more tolerant of malformed or damaged MP3 files.
- VinylStudio now displays the marker time is the status bar while
dragging a marker in the waveform display.
- When deleting albums in a batch, the recorded files are now
deleted as they should be (if that's what you asked for).
- VinylStudio now correctly updates the WAV file header if
recording fails because the computer can't keep up. This means
that the file is useable, up to the point where recording stopped.
- When converting recordings from one file format to another, the
default setting is now 'Preserve corrections' (rather than 'Save
- By popular request, the default normalisation setting is now -1dB
(was -3dB).
- The 'mix down to mono' setting is now stored with the rest of the
album details as it should be.
- An occasional problem opening the Volume Mixer applet on Windows 7
has been fixed.
- If you have a USB device on Vista or Windows 7 with no hardware
level control, VinylStudio now offers to set the digital gain to 1
(and you should accept).
- Added support for the 'Grouping' tag.
- Do not stop batch file conversion when an error occurs (V7.5.3).
- Fixed a garbled error message (V7.5.4).
- A few other minor bug fixes and tweaks.

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