Vietnam: A Television History (1983) DVDRip XviD-SPRiNTER

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Vietnam: A Television History (1983)
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Genre: Documentary | History | Military/War

A mostly political history of American involvement in Vietnam that originally aired on PBS in the fall of 1983. In 1997, the series was edited from 13 down to 11 episodes and re-run on the network as a multi-part installment of American Experience.

S01E01 - Roots of a War: 1945-53
This episode deals with French attempts to re-establish their pre-World War II rule over Vietnam and subsequent failure which led to their withdrawal from the region in 1954.

S01E02 - America's Mandarin: 1954-63
In 1954, Vietnam gets partitioned into two countries: the Communist north led by Ho Chi Minh and the pro-western south led by Ngo Dinh Diem. But relations between the U.S. and Diem become more and more strained as the years pass.

S01E03 - LBJ Goes to War: 1964-65
The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and the subsequent sending of combat troops to Vietnam by LBJ are chronicled in this episode.

S01E04 - America Takes Charge: 1965-67
Fully committed to war, the United States sends half a million troops to South Vietnam only to have the end of the conflict seem to be nowhere near in sight.

S01E05 - America's Enemy: 1954-67
The Communist forces facing United States troops in Vietnam are profiled in this episode.

S01E06 - Tet: 1968
The Tet Offensive in 1968 caught U. S. forces in Vietnam off guard but ended up being a disaster militarily for the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese. Unfortunately, the American media portrayed Tet as a disaster for our forces and it led to much of the public turning against the war.

S01E07 - Vietnamizing the War: 1969-73
Richard Nixon's policy of slowly withdrawing American troops and turning over more and more of the fighting to the South Vietnamese army is examined.

S01E08 - Cambodia and Laos
Events in Cambodia and Laos during the Vietnam War are chronicled including the rise of the vicious Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot.

S01E09 - Peace is at Hand: 1968-73
Peace negotiations to bring the Vietnam War to a conclusion are chronicled in this episode.

S01E10 - Homefront USA
This episode chronicles the United States homefront during the Vietnam War with special emphasis on the anti-war protests and declining public support for the conflict.

S01E11 - The End of the Tunnel: 1973-75
As per the terms of the January of 1973 peace treaty, United States combat troops pull out of South Vietnam and American POWs held by the enemy are released. Unfortunately, the North Vietnamese do not keep their part of the bargain and continue military action against the South until they conquer Saigon in 1975.


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