Video2Brain Visual C 2010 Einstieg fuer Anspruchvolle German-RESTORE

Tutorial & e-learning. July 3, 2011 by AllApps.
Video2Brain Visual C 2010 Einstieg fuer Anspruchvolle German-RESTORE
Video2Brain Visual C 2010 Einstieg fuer Anspruchvolle German-RESTORE
German | 2011/07 | 3.12GB
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Get into the C # programming! In this comprehensive training you will learn based on a proven concept, both teaching the basics of C # language to know as well as the development environment Visual Studio 2010. NET Framework, GUI programming with Windows Forms and the integration of databases. With Visual Studio 2010 Express and SQL Server 2008 Express on R2 DVD.

With this training video will introduce you to your coach David Tielke to Programming with C #. You will learn both the C # language and the familiar. NET Framework and Visual Studio development environment. The training is aimed at both newcomers to programming as well as to persons of other languages, such as PHP,. NET and C # will change.

You become acquainted with the development environment Visual Studio 2010 from Microsoft to devote to know, is then the fundamentals of C # programming and eventually go on to the topic of object-oriented programming in C #. At the end you deal with the design of modern user interfaces and the development of database applications.

The focus is on targeted and intensive learning and understanding of the basics. On this basis, it will drop you at the end very easy to immerse yourself in other areas.
Look forward to exploring it, the world of Microsoft. NET Framework and C # language.

From the contents:

What you will learn
You will see the basis of three sample projects, you can at the end of this video training.

Fundamentals of Programming
In this chapter you will learn what it has to program at all upon himself to compile what exactly is and what it means when one speaks of a programming platform.

The development environment Visual Studio 2010
The development environment Visual Studio 2010 is to be understood at first glance not easy. In this chapter you will learn which version of Visual Studio you need, as it is installed and how you find your way when you first start.

The first C # project
Every beginning is - not all that difficult. Find out what types of projects are and how you write your first little program.

C # Basics
If you want to program correctly, it is essential to learn the basics and understand correctly. In this chapter you will learn to know the C # language from scratch.

Object-oriented programming
The programming language C # is a pure object-oriented programming language. What that means exactly what concepts and stuck behind it, you'll learn in this chapter.

The event model
If an object wants another object to inform about something, you use this in C # Delegates and Events. This requires the sender to the receiver does not necessarily know. So you can easily and effectively develop loosely coupled applications.

The. NET Framework
Once the foundations are laid, we now take a look at this. NET Framework and see what exactly is behind it. The chapter concludes with a consideration of the most important classes in the. NET from.

Helpful tools and techniques
The right software development in addition to the mastery of a programming language and the sound is dealing with the development environment. What you can use it in Visual Studio, you can see in this chapter.

User Interfaces with Windows Forms
If you want to develop applications that need an interface to the user so that it can interact with the application. One way to develop these interfaces, you will learn in this chapter.

Almost every application manages data internally. If you want to permanently store this data lends itself to the use of databases. What exactly is and how to use it, you'll learn in this chapter.





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