Video2Brain Praxistraining Fotografie Objekte im Detail German

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Video2Brain Praxistraining Fotografie Objekte im Detail German
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Objects skillfully photographed in the limelight - an exciting challenge for all photographers! In this video tutorial, Eberhard Schuy lays great emphasis on explaining specific tasks in their daily practice as a sought-Still Life Photographer exactly. Join him step by step from the idea of ​​building a set, the detailed illumination of objects to the settings on the camera. So you all can well understand, each step is shown live! This impressive shots are often much easier to accomplish than you may think at first glance. One does not need a big studio or an expensive flash equipment. A compact camera, a desk lamp, a few photo boxes and simple tools like an old slide projector, small mirror remains, glass plates or Styrofoam pieces are enough to make simple things to the true object.

From the contents:

Object Photography is a nice challenge for any photographer and requires many resources. In this chapter you will learn what equipment you will need to move to an object in the right light and offers the advantages of a professional studio flash equipment.

Studio Lighting
The more professional you want to approach the object photography, the more important is the studio light. This section demonstrates various tools you can use for the lighting design.

Light exercises
With five light exercises, you learn how to use light and shadow in the photograph object properly and effectively. To do this step by step from the basics to exciting details.

Studio Tools
For the development of creative compiled object, you usually need several tools. Eberhard Schuy saves with exciting tips, with very simple means you can work in object photography.

Images in practice
Objectphotography classically divided into three areas: product shots, product photography and still life images. Can you explain to investigate how these three divisions.

Image design
The perfect arrangement of the objects is essential in the object photography and takes quite a long time. Get to know the most important rules you should be observed in terms of organizing principles and professional vision control.

Photography in practice
It's getting serious! Now it applies learned theory into practice. Join Eberhard Schuy as he is one p.m. everyday objects in your home while mastering the different requirements and achieved various image effects.

Image Editing
Even if you create through the development of complex sets and a very fine camera settings even near-perfect pictures, you can edit them with Photoshop is still profitable. What options are available for you, you will learn in this comprehensive chapter.

Recordings with the slide projector
All recordings that were exposed with the slide projector, have one thing in common: their shiny surfaces reflect. See how you edit your images first roughly in the raw converter and then adjust in Photoshop.

Recordings with simple equipment
For object images with simple compact cameras, it is advantageous to make several differently exposed photos, and then to each other. In this section you will learn how to create through composing an effective, sharp image.

Clear lighting
The more accurate the camera settings are made on the set, the less rework is needed. Various examples demonstrate Eberhard Schuy how to make a few clicks photos even more effectively.

Striking photos
The greater the effort to build a set, the higher the probability that undermine mistakes. Finally, see how to deal with complex object photographs in Photoshop and perfect.





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