Video2Brain Praxistraining Fotografie HDR GERMAN

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Video2Brain Praxistraining Fotografie HDR GERMAN
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The HDR technology enables the fantastic finish of your DSLR shots. Join the experienced photographer Michael Jordan live on photo tour of shootings in a wintry landscape, at home, in the theater or in front of great architectural examples and see what arrangements, settings and set-ups are needed here. You will receive a thorough introduction to HDR photography and learn how to deal with high contrast. Professional image-editing Deke McClelland shows readers how to use the many possibilities for further processing into a 32-bit image best and use the final tone mapping design. This Photoshop, Photomatix and HDR Expose for Windows and Mac are used. Professional Tips for Wow-effects included!

You want to capture HDR scenes and photo realistic to surrealistic images make it? With the HDR technique can depict light situations that would not be possible with conventional methods.

Join Michael Jordan live at different scenes and learn the technical basics, what matters in the preparation of bracketing and how to find the right motive. He has in every movie a different aspect taken into account in addition to the actual HDR image, eg the manual white balance, or a comparison of HDR from the tripod to the built in HDR function of the Sony Alpha 550th

In the shooting, he photographed in different light situations: at the Schauspielhaus in artificial light, in a church in mixed lighting with natural light and artificial light and outdoors in natural light. Three different cameras, different locations, different lenses from ultra wide-angle to telephoto with different focal lengths, design tips and ideas - there's something for everyone!

In the subsequent image processing are the main tools this Photoshop and Photomatix. As an interesting alternative has selected Barbara McClelland from the wide range of tools available HDR Expose and thus shows how to master your HDR workflow.

From the contents

Introduction to HDR Photography
An introduction to the subject of HDR, this chapter - not only for beginners! You will learn everything for the equipment, especially for the exposure and see a whole series of image examples.

Photographic Practice: Indoor
Much of the image processing, but also making plays today in front of the computer. Nevertheless, the ultimate happened in the recordings: As you work with a view of the HDR image in enclosed spaces, so this is turning chapters.

Photographic Practice: Outdoor
The high dynamic range, the HDR makes screams out for photo shoots "out there". How do you work here even when you shoot the best for HDR image to explain the films of this chapter.

Image processing and HDR
What does HDR and dynamic? Where does the HDR technique? What software can be created HDRI? The introductory section on image processing clarify these issues.

HDRIs create with Photoshop CS5
In Photoshop CS2, it is possible to create an HDR. But only in CS5 this feature has been redesigned to allow that to achieve really good results. Learn how to combine a series of images and what configuration options are available here.

HDRIs create Photomatix Pro 4
Who spent countless HDRI, can not pass on Photomatix. For years, this software offers great control and a wide range of variations in the production of HDRI and tone mapping. In addition, the software is improving with each version. This extensive chapter leaves no questions about Photomatix Pro 4!

Photoshop and Photomatix compared
What can Photoshop that Photomatix can not? In the areas where cuts from Photomatix better? Deke McClelland is working with two programs in combination, and tells you in this chapter where each program's strengths and weaknesses.

Software alternative: HDR Expose
In addition to Photoshop and Photomatix numerous other software exists for HDR creation and editing. In this chapter you will learn about HDR Expose. What makes this program: Even when tone mapping will receive the full 32-bit digital video information!

HDR Panoramas
A special version of HDR photography is the HDR panorama. In this chapter you will learn about the workflow to create a panoramic bracketing the final image.

Fake HDR - HDR-look series without images
Sometimes you would like a picture in the HDR look to create, but perhaps only one host has available. Often it is not even necessary to include a whole series of exposure - there are various ways to create so-called fake HDRI.

After the Tone Mapping
The Tone Mapping is the final step in creating a HDRI. However, it is sometimes advisable or desirable to carry out further improvements to the image. In this chapter you will learn what you can do after Tone Mapping.

Specific examples of the live video
In the live-video portion of this training several examples are shown that should be analyzed on the computer more closely. Look in this chapter, what lessons can be gained by it.

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