Video2Brain Power-Workshops Kreative Composings Mit Photoshop

Tutorial & e-learning. March 5, 2011 by AllApps.

Video2Brain Power-Workshops Kreative Composings Mit Photoshop
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Uli Staiger is to convince well-known for his outstanding composing, both by the visual concept as well as the technically perfect execution. In this video tutorial, he presents three of his most famous motifs and explains precisely in extensive workshops like these masterpieces were created. As a bonus, also the uncut video training "Balloonatic" is mentioned. The complete original material on all subjects is included, so you can join in 1:1!

From the contents:

Powered by nature
Flying cows? If you've ever wondered what on image artist Uli Staiger is yet to come so all you are looking forward to the video training on this complex composing. The techniques are refined, elaborated the details exactly.

In preparation for the workshop will provide Uli Staiger front of the subject and a first broad division of tasks. Then all of the motive involved files are loaded into the mini-bridge.

Rocks and meadow
In this chapter, the rock is inserted into the picture, formed and topped with a little meadow. This must cover the rocks convincingly, for which a special layer mask provides.

The cow "aufhübschen"
The cow in the lower left area is one of the two protagonists of the composing. You come to attention - both for cropping or editing of the fur.

3D file editing with Photoshop
Who does not have a Photoshop Extended version, does not need to be sad: The following films describe the two-dimensional path that leads to a psd file instead of a .3 ds file.. Here you learn how to position the balloon can be illuminated and textured.

Complete balloon
Who does not have Photoshop CS5 Extended can continue to work with the following videos and use the file "balloon Vordergrund.psd. The balloon is replaced by connecting cables to the pasture and a flame.

Skytrain is a motif that is real, photographic elements created with the fascinating possibility of 3D visualization combines. And at a gripping, imaginative high-speed scene! Note: You need to realize Photoshop CS4 Extended or CS5.

The city is assembled first of two individual views and a sky.

The train is brought to the scene and with the help of various 3-D motion tools adapted to the course of the current wires. The focal length is based on the city view and is set to a value of 18mm.

By adjusting the materials, the model is gradually awakened to life. In particular, the reflections will help it to integrate into the host city.

After inserting a point light source is modeled with two other directional light sources, the lighting of the train of urban lighting.

The details will be inserted in normal 2D files: a light cone, one steam level and heat waves. Rendering of 3D layer completes the work.

The world without airplanes: In this fantasy-assembly in the steam punk look is the majestic, portly airship of the true ruler of the skies.

Landscape build
The landscape is formed of two shots, both of which were made out of an airplane window out. It is in effect significantly improved by the use of illumination levels, in addition, a foreground inserted.

Airship insert in the composing
The airship is a 3D design, clipping channel was already mitgerendert.

Clouds in the foreground and Captain: Details install
The details of integrating the airship in his still somewhat foreign environment. Shall bear both the captain and the cloud in the foreground help to illustrate the spatial relationship of marine and landscape.

Bonus Workshop: Balloonatic
A scene that are interwoven in the fantasy and dream elements. Technically this is particularly refined the design of a rope with a specially designed brush.

The sea
The sea, photographed from high above, serves as background for the scene-playing. It is composed of a panorama, and several water-set pieces.

The mountains
The sea itself is not very useful to support the scene. So landscape features like mountains and rocks are inserted.

The light mood
In subsequent films in addition to a reflection of the two rocks, the amplification of light is carried out. Both lead to a more realistic view of the scene.

The rope dance
The tightrope walker is the main protagonist of the scene. It is set on a rope that was previously generated from a specially designed brush and a path.





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