Video2Brain Power-Workshops Bildlooks mit Photoshop German

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Video2Brain Power-Workshops Bildlooks mit Photoshop German
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With the knowledge of creative looks with a few simple steps you can increase the visual impact. Whether with a glamorous effect, with textures, colors, or Cross-created gradients - in no time be enhanced images to obtain an individual style or alter your image statement. In this video tutorial, explaining Jamari Lior and Michael Baierl image styles to the background knowledge and explain the means by which you achieve a variety of picture styles in Photoshop. You will understand how to create by the clever use of blend modes, adjustment layers, smart filters and unique effects. Olaf Gierczak completes an expert in short distances of this video training tips and fast workflow. It shows the weapons that you have to look finding in Camera Raw is available and demonstrates the benefits - but also the existing restrictions. Combine these techniques and create your own personal look!

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Looks for the fashion and beauty area
Pictures look old and beautiful at the same time leave - this is a known as the "aging" treatment strategy that can be made in several variants. Harmonic or surprising - "integrated" live pictures from a combination of model, posing, dress, style, location and image processing. How to Aging and integration can produce even add images or with text you see in this part of Jamari Lior.

Fundamentals of Packaging's
The videos in this chapter show output images which can be optimally combined with the aging technology and how you can reach your own photos in the old style.

Packaging Technology: Integrating image and painting
To include your photos of paintings, you do not need the brush to swing, hardly the brush in Photoshop! See how you in cooperation with Rubens, Van Gogh and Klimt your photos that extra something to give.

Aging does not always sepia or brown tones - the technology can transform your photos into fragrant pastel-light shots. Look in this section the approach for a pastel-aging.

In this section, you create using the technology of Packaging's a picturesque, fairy-tale look. But you overlay your image with multiple textures and apply high-contrast imaging. A text element further complement your fairy tale look.

Image integration
Harmonic or surprising - "integrated" live pictures from a combination of model, posing, dress, style, location and image processing. How can you create this look with more or less work in Photoshop, you can see in this post.

Text and Image
Text in the image is currently undergoing strong growth and is often a hallmark of quality and style. This style is used primarily in the fashion and beauty area. Learn in this section, such as text and image complement each other perfectly. It is about the font, font size, font, placement and text message.

Looks bizarre
Images, where you have to look twice - that's the point in this post. You learn different techniques to create whimsical looks at photographic means or the image processing.

Creative Image Looks Easy
By means of contrast and colors you have almost unlimited opportunities to develop image looks. Michael Baierl shows a variety of combinations by using creative filtering techniques for non-destructive way of working.

Split Toning
The look in this section thrives on the contrast greatly reduced and the lows have been brightened. This look can be found currently playing in the fashion photography.

Glamour Effect
In this section you will learn a glamorous look. In the example, in a special way emphasizes the highlights and shadows separately.

Detail contrast
In the example in this section the details are specially reinforced at the micro level contrast. The style is implemented with a few simple steps.

Cross Colors in Fashion Look
Cross colors are very trendy and easy to reach by manipulating the curves of each channel. You'll also learn in this section as you can transfer the look of your already manipulated photos to other photos.

Perfect Symmetry
The starting material for the mirror trick is not very successful - even more striking result is the mirror, which is full of symmetry.

Grunge Look
How to create a picture snapped just a really attractive photo in the grunge look, you'll find in this section. Importantly, the use of matching textures.

Dodge & Burn
Dodge & Burn succeed as a stylistic device, thanks to modern technology in Photoshop now almost automatically. Made possible by the creative filtering techniques.

Look dimensional image
This section is devoted to the plastic look of pastel base. Strong lightening and strong Dodge & Burn characterize this visual style.

Practice examples: developing your own look
In these examples, you will receive practical guidance to develop your own look.





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