Video2Brain Photoshop CS5 fuer Fortgeschrittene GERMAN

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Video2Brain Photoshop CS5 fuer Fortgeschrittene GERMAN
Video2Brain Photoshop CS5 fuer Fortgeschrittene GERMAN | 5.62GB
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They master the basics of Photoshop and want more? Olaf Giermann and Uli Staiger have for you the best tips and techniques counted together for over 20 years of experience wrapped in crisp workshops. They have taken the news of CS5 close look at and know what is going on now in Photoshop everyday life faster, better, great. Let us show you how to organize Photoshop efficiently and save time to correct photos like a pro in color, contrast and sharpness, images, retouch masterfully, exempt difficult behavior exactly, using smart objects and 3D objects, and tease you Photoshop so right!


Image Management
With Adobe Bridge and the new Mini Bridge photographer efficient image management tools are available. In conjunction with Photoshop CS5, you can even automate some steps. And what folder Surfing? Also there is this one article in this chapter.

User Interface and Navigation
Photoshop has always been a model for light and catchy user interface. improved with each version, and the current CS5 scores with significant workload. The films in this section reveal more details.

Nondestruktiv work
Why you should be working nondestruktiv? The first example in this chapter illustrates the weaknesses of a conventional processing images - has additional adjustments are not possible. Get to know in detail the nondestruktive work with masks, adjustment layers, smart objects and smart filters.

Selection and masking
When editing you have to decide which areas you want to change. Helpful to have choices. Learn in this chapter from a pro how to create optimal choices even in difficult conditions to achieve an exemption of objects.

Camera Raw
Camera Raw in Photoshop CS5 has developed into an independent small image editing program. All the important settings for image processing are combined in one interface. Get to know in this chapter, the nondestruktive working with Camera Raw and what subtleties you take it.

Photo Optimization
The photo optimization is the major task in image processing. At the beginning of this chapter, therefore, questions are discussed about the different color models. Then it goes to the color and brightness corrections - you know which color mode is set up perfectly for the corrections.

Sharpness and detail
Photoshop offers many ways of strengthening and sharpening detail. Get to know in this chapter include the various sharpening filter, why would you sharpen in Lab mode, or how to achieve a gain nondestruktiv extreme detail. How do you use the HDR-toning for the production of micro-contrast is also shown.

The goal of any image retouching is to remove unwanted elements from a picture or at least mitigate. These are available in Photoshop a lot of different tools. In addition to the traditional retouching methods you will learn in this chapter, the new inhaltssensitiven correction options.

Distortions in Photoshop has never been so simple and credible as the version in CS5. Learn in this chapter the possibilities to know the biases and learn how it supports the new form of lattice.

Combine multiple exposures
Photoshop CS5 offers some great tools to combine multiple exposures. For example, you can use it to increase the depth of field with wide angle or panoramic photos produce effect. The HDR-function creates hyper-realistic images, or simply increase the dynamic range of your camera. More in this section.

Painting in Photoshop
One of the exciting new features in Photoshop CS5 is the bristle brush with the mixed brush. Learn about this painting tools in this video. You'll also learn how to find or create harmonious-looking colors.

3D features in Photoshop
In 3D, you expect quite a number of innovations: how it is for example possible to create from paths, layer masks, selections or text from so-called repousse objects. Also realistic shadows are easy to generate, especially since the controls of the different light sources were reviewed and are easier to use. More Highlighs are the new materials library, which includes a transparent material or the new renderer, the absolutely convincing results.

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