Video2Brain Mac OS X Server 10.6 Snow Leopard German-RESTORE

Tutorial & e-learning. July 3, 2011 by AllApps.
Video2Brain Mac OS X Server 10.6 Snow Leopard German-RESTORE
Video2Brain Mac OS X Server 10.6 Snow Leopard German-RESTORE
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They use Mac OS X on your job? Why not Mac OS X Server Snow Leopard at the heart of your IT infrastructure - their server? This video training is ideal for those who come for the first time with the Snow Leopard Server in contact, but even experienced administrators extend and deepen their knowledge. You learn how to plan for the Mac OS X Server, install and remove everyday successfully. This explains Marc Oliver Thoma, what it has with an Open Directory on how to install a Web server or an e-mail server and runs and much more!

This video training is the ideal resource of knowledge for all who are familiar with Mac OS X and want to expand their knowledge on Mac OS X Server. The chapters are structured so that beginners are not overwhelmed and reversed experienced IT administrators - probably bring the experience of other operating systems - will also benefit from it.

From the contents

Preparation is everything! The films in this chapter revolve around planning considerations and that the use of Mac OS X Server should not be disregarded.

This section reveals in detail how to set up Apple's server operating systems optimally. Here comes the installation of the server administration tools for the same language as the means of installation and configuration. Marc Oliver explains what services the Mac OS can do anything, how to install an SSL certificate for secure data transfer and much more.

User Management
Just server installations are characterized by a variety of users with different needs, requirements and privileges. How do you manage this kind, the films show this section.

DNS server
The name resolution is the "navigation" of the Internet. Or local network. It depends as always on the right connections.

Open Directory
Apple's directory service stores information about network resources and users and allows the administrator-friendly management.

File Server
Data access in the network hold - preferably the same for the entire heterogeneous environment. For Mac OS X Server, no problem!

Network Services
The services, which are discussed in the films of this chapter, including key software updates or the placement and routing of Internet services. From inside to outside and vice versa. And safe.

Print Server
The centralized resource currently includes printer. Apple's server programs make the admin's here easy!

So that not all jobs from its own hard disk must boot that goes via the network. To save yourself some work to keep up to date and turn off sources of error.

Web Servers
Most use the same Internet Web: So dominant is this service. The matching server is on OS X also set up quickly.

Mail Server
The pivotal point of communication: The e-mail server provides smooth post. The decor is simple - Look in this chapter, how it works!

Useful services of the office address book, calendar or central chat server. In the case of Mac OS X Server, which of course also on board.

Media Server
Offer multimedia services in the network is modern and efficient - if the bandwidth is correct. What brings Apple's server operating system is impressive.

What is not explained elsewhere, are small but smart tools designed to provide valuable assistance at the right time: server backups, and hardware verification.





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