video2brain : Building the Application Framework and Handling Errors in ColdFusion 9

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video2brain : Building the Application Framework and Handling Errors in ColdFusion 9

video2brain : Building the Application Framework and Handling Errors in ColdFusion 9
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Control Page Events and Improve Site Performance.Anyone who works with ColdFusion-based websites should understand the application and error handling frameworks. Taking advantage of the application level allows you to control events in your pages, offers better performance for your website and web pages, and gives you complete control of error handling within a site.
In this unique workshop from expert developer Candyce Mairs, you?ll use ColdFusion Builder as the development environment for building a complete ColdFusion application and error handling framework. Additional topics include speeding up your ColdFusion performance using query caching and looking at your server performance using the Server Monitor.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to use ColdFusion’s application framework to simplify your dynamic website development, take advantage of all the error handling features in ColdFusion, and speed up application performance.
The contents of this course include

In this chapter you’ll learn more about this course and the environment we will be creating in order to work with ColdFusion.

The Dynamic Environment
There are a number of steps involved in setting up the testing environment for this course. This chapter will cover what is needed and walk through setting up the dynamic environment.

Application Planning
This chapter looks at the various scopes available in ColdFusion and how you can use these scopes to make your application more efficient. We’ll also look over our specific application to document our site plan needs so we can easily move into working in the application framework. This is an important step before beginning the coding process.

The Application Framework
The ColdFusion application framework enables you to control processing within your application and code for specific events within the application that are handled automatically by ColdFusion. In this chapter you’ll get an overview of the main file that controls these events and processes, along with more information about how to plan for this framework in your application.

Using the Application Framework
This chapter walks through building the application framework for a tour company called Scuba Vacations. You’ll learn about the various methods that can trigger code to run across your entire application. We’ll also take a look at code that can be moved from the page level out to the application level to simplify both coding and maintenance.

Error Handling
Error handling is an important piece of building an application with ColdFusion. This chapter walks you through the process of planning for errors in your application and explains the different levels of error handling available in ColdFusion.

Setting Up the Error Handling Framework
This chapter focuses on creating an error handling framework for Scuba Vacations. We’ll look at the various levels available for error handling and set up coding to handle these levels. We’ll also take a look at issues that can occur when setting up your error handling framework and how to handle them.

Race Conditions and Locking
Race conditions are a major concern in a multithreaded environment. In this chapter you’ll learn what race conditions are and how to avoid them by implementing locking.

video2brain : Building the Application Framework and Handling Errors in ColdFusion 9

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