Vertical Moon Text-Osterone v1.120

Software, Graphic & Design. February 19, 2009 by SCOUT-7.

Vertical Moon Text-Osterone v1.120 | 2.73 MB

Create animated text effects in seconds
Text-Osterone is an extremely easy program to generate eye-popping Flash animated text effects in seconds! Works with your installed True Type and Postscript fonts. Text-Osterone is easy to use and is great for websites and presentations.

Key Advantages Over Other Text Effects Programs

* Text-Osterone is the only text effects program to output Macromedia/Adobe Flash (.fla) files! Other programs output .swf files requiring you to use ActionScript to load an external file containing the text effect. With Text-Osterone, you can open and use the text effect directly in Flash 5/MX/MX2004/8.
* Text-Osterone allows you to output several text effects into a single file! Other programs just allow you to output a single effect per file. This results in a lot of wasted disk space because font information can be duplicated in each effect file if the same font is used in each effect. But Text-Osterone will only store the minimum amount of font information needed and will not duplicate unnecessary font information, resulting in smaller file sizes!
* Text-Osterone automatically adjusts effects to the desired frame rate. Other programs design their effects for a specific frame rate giving you no control over the actual speed of the text effects. With Text-Osterone, you specify the number of seconds the effect should take to animate and the frame rate you want it to display at.


* Output Macromedia/Adobe Flash (FLA) files! No need for using ActionScript to load in your text effects like other text effect programs. Compatible with Flash 5/MX/MX2004/8.
* Output Macromedia/Adobe Flash movie files (SWF). Over 97% of all browsers already have the Flash Player installed, so you won't have to worry about your audience being able to view your text animations.
* Output HTML files to quickly generate a web page to show your animated text.
* Output self-executables to run on Macintosh and Windows based computers.
* Output QuickTime movie files. (*see note at bottom of this page).
* Supports your installed True Type and Postscript fonts.
* Choose from over 200 effects! Most are customizable for endless possibilities.
* Add multiple lines of text.
* Mix and match effects on different blocks of text.
* Add on click actions to launch web pages or load other SWF movie files.
* Add text effects to slide shows created with SWF 'n Slide.
* Save project files so you can save your work to allow you to make changes over time.

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