VasAlex BartPE CD / USB WIM Edition. In the complete assembly editor (23/02/2010)

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VasAlex BartPE CD / USB WIM Edition. In the complete assembly editor (23/02/2010)

VasAlex BartPE CD / USB WIM Edition. In the complete assembly editor (23/02/2010) | 745 MB

Bootable USB drive to work and restore the system. Microsoft Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) is a lightweight version of Windows XP, run from any medium of sufficient capacity - including read-only. The system is designed to prepare the computer to install the full OS. With WinPE you can split your hard disk partitions and format them to gain access to the LAN and the existing sections, including having to NTFS, and try to restore the system and save the data. Supports major network interfaces and distributed WiFi Enabled SATA / SCSI / RAID. Sound and video drivers in this build there, but you can introduce yourself. Compilation made without viruses and potentially dangerous software!

Year: 2010
Developer: VasAlex
Platform: BartPE
System requirements: PC with 256 Mb of available RAM or higher, CD or USB interfaces
Language: English + Russian
Tabletka: Not required

* Optimization of loading;
* On slower computers less than 256 MB, provided free memory to run the PE is less than 128 MB - pops up a window to select a disc swap;
* System and network drive X dynamically increased to 130 Mb - now possible to install "heavy" drivers and the ability to install at the time third-party boot program;
* Allow reading and writing to disk B and X;
* Reduced the size of the WIM file, portable and heavy program delivered in PePrograms;
* Use 2 variants of the assembly. Base assembly with the support of multimedia, codecs, basic wood chips on the network and with the possibility doustanovki drivers video sound. Micro assembly - no wood, no programs, no screen savers, etc. (black screen), with the possibility of installing wood from the directory Drivers like wim, usually the original and with the possibility of doustanovki XP operating system on local disks;
* The assembly includes tools for adding, editing programs with instructions;
* Support for video and audio codecs (for doustanovke drivers);
* Added ability to install drivers from the Drivers folder of any drive.

Added programs:
* NOD32 4.0;
* NOD 2.7;
* Paragon 2009;
* Dr. WEB 5.00;
* Acronis True Image Home 2010;
* CCleaner;
* Added a constructor that BartPE build without heavy applications and drivers;
* New installer correct firewood from NIKZZZZ - zPNP;
* Implemented plugin AutoIT3 opening scripts au3;
* Added at the request of AutoNet with the script AZJIO, which allows you to download the network settings as the machine (by the presence of B: \ autonet.ini), and from an external source;
* Fixed bugs and added some suggestions for the interface.





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