Vanguard Princess v1.03.01 (by Tomoaki Sugeno)

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Vanguard Princess v1.03.01 (by Tomoaki Sugeno)
Vanguard Princess v1.03.01 (by Tomoaki Sugeno) | 169.07 MB

Vanguard Princess is a Japanese freeware 2D fighting game, developed by a single programmer and illustrator called Tomoaki Sugeno, nicknamed Suge9, a supposedly ex-Capcom employee.

Those who wish to preserve the present, those who wish to abolish it- Within the world is opposition and conflict; ruined, that future is nearing...
In the intensifying war, a passenger plane is mistakenly shot down. One by one, casualties are confirmed, but... One standing person, an uninjured little girl, comes out alive.
Before long, she was a lovely, fully-grown woman. Although, with the passing of time, mysterious abilities began to awaken.
At first, she was moved to private research facilities. These were halted by the eye of the Government, however. Analysis was initiated for military purposes.
The power that but bent Cosmic Law, people call "Planar Manipulation Sorcery".
In combat, eyes opened to the soaring military prowess in wake of this woman- At the demand for such a solidified military presence... Boundlessly severe and cruel human testing developed.
Perhaps, in the initial event, her magical power surged out of control, unintentionally causing the "Astral Impact".
The awe-inspiring magical shockwave extensively, as well as in mass, bestowed the blessing of Planar Manipulation Sorcery in young girls.
Soon, the forms of girls harnessing magical power became visible in large quantities. Because of that beautiful fighting figure, they were called, "Vanguard Princesses", inspiring the elite soldiers.
One year after, around the time the war also faced its end following the Astral Impact, a thought to be missing little girl reincarnated as "Executive Overseer" to the destruction of mankind.
And so, the created-to-lead Vanguard Princesses's battle engulfed the world...

• New keyboard keys for practice mode.
• Haruka: Can no longer cancel backstep.
• Haruka: Frontstep cancellation still possible.
• Eri: If 214B/C hit at the same time as curse the opponent can tech.
• Various bugfixes.

System requirements:
• Windows 2000/XP/Vista
• DirectX 7
• 400 MHz
• 128 MB RAM


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