VA - Best Private Chillout Collection - (2011)

MUSiC. March 7, 2011 by KingOfDCP.

VA - Best Private Chillout Collection - (2011)
MP3 VBRkbps | Track: 367 | Size: 4.154 GB | Release Date: 2011
Genre: Chillout


2nd Element - Underwaterfall
3rd Force - Echoes of a Dream
Accuface - See The Light (Break Od Dawn Mix)
Adam Nickey feat. Tiff Lacey - Letting Go (Michael Witness Ambient Instrumental mix)
Adam Nickey - Perfect Destiny (Ambient Mix)
Adrien Aubrun - I Walk Alone
Adrien Aubrun - Jump Into My Dreams
Adrien Aubrun - My Last Poem (Original Version)
Adrien Aubrun - Not tomorrow (Tribute To Akira Yamaoka)
Aerium pres. Avalon 62 - Through Shards Of Open Fields
Aerosoul feat. John Ward - Time is By Your Side (Armenian Soul Remix)
Aerosoul - Isla Blanca (Aftersun Chill Version)
Affective - Green Bird
Affective - Runaway
Ahir Egbal - Bou Kadir
Airbase - Lucid (Kopi Luwak Smooth Chill Remix)
Airwave - God Surround Us
Airwave - Trilogique
Alejandro de Pinedo - Cancer
Aleks Beat - For My Princess
Alessandro Boschi - Cuevas Del Drach (Original Mix)
Alessandro Boschi - Sentosa
Alexander Popov - Thoughts Aloud
Alexander V. Mogilco - ?234elodia ..
Alexander V. Mogilco - La Brise De L'amour
Alex Cor - Sunrise Torsion System
Alexei Zakharov ft Alex Alpidovsky - Lament Two
Alexei Zakharov - Intergalactic Tea (Evgeny Bardyuzha Mix)
Alexe Zakharov ft Olga Zontakh - Misery
Alex Mara - Chillout Moment
Alex M.o.r.p.h feat. Roberta Harrison - Photograph (Purple Acoustic Mix)
Alex Morph - Klangwelt
Allesandro Safina - Diva Mea
Alt F4 - Alt F4 Chill Out Remix
AmBeam - Sunlake
Ambysphere - End Of Sunrise (Original Version)
Amethystium - Berceusermesryea
Amex - World Doesn't Care (Chillout Mix)
AndrA© W - Falling (Original Version)
Andrew Fields - Behind The Sunlight (Original Edit)
Andy Moor - Celestial Waves
Angelic a.k.a. Lukas Termena - Dream (Original Version)
Angel Tears - Dmaot Malach
Antaeus - Kyrie
Apple & Stone - Invisible Moment
Apple & Stone - Rain of Shadows
Arksun - Arisen (Magdelayna Ambient Remake)
Armas CJ The Angel - She Died In Paradise
Armin Van Buuren Feat Justine Suissa - Burned With Desire (chillout_mix)
Armin van Buuren - Sail Chill Out Remix
Armix - For Your Eyes
Armix - Meet You In Heaven
Art Of Trance - Madagascar (Michael Woods Chill Out Mix)
Arto Kumanto - Nearly the Perfect Moment
Astyplaz - Zaira.flac
Atb - Authentic Reaction (feat. Apple & Stone).flac
Atb- Circular Symetry.flac
Atb - Enigmatic Encounter
Atb - Everything Is Wrong.flac
Atb - feat. Tiff Lacey - Ecstasy (Chill In The Sunrise Mix)
Atb - Let You Go ( Schiller Chil Out Mix )
Atb - Sunset Girl (Phil Lazard Ambient Mix)
Atb - Trilogie Part 2
Atb - Trilogy (The Final Chapter)
Auroform - Snow Breath (Chillout Relax)
Aurosonic - Intro
Australis - Lifegiving Barrenlands
Ayla - Angelfalls (Particular Beach Mix)
Bahir Al Bakir - Walk From Agadir
Bhangralution - Buddha Bath
Bissen & The Crossover - Washout (Piano Mix)
Black Pearl - Coral Sea (Chillout Mix)
Blank & Jones - Beyond Time (Ambient Mix)
Blank & Jones - Counting Clouds.flac
Blank & Jones - Desire (Ambient Mix)
Blank & Jones Feat. Anne Clark - The Hardest Heart (Ambient Mix)
Blank & Jones - Lightning
Blank & Jones - the palms
Blank Jones - Watching The Waves
Blue Metheny - Desperately Faithless
Bryan El - Afterlife (Original mix)
Bryan EL - Solaris (Original mix
BT - Flaming June (Reuben Halsey Chillout Mix) Exclusive Track
B-Tribe - Adagio in G-Minor
B-Tribe - Ode to Dolores del Rio
B-Tribe - Overture (Concierto de Aranjuez)
Buro - Verano Suave (Electro Chill Mix)
Cantus - Campfires At Dusk
Capetown - Pitstop (Ambifter Mix)
Carbon Based Lifeforms-World Of Sleepers
Carlos Campos & Ravin - Kiyamah.flac
Chilling Crew - For Better Moments
Chilling Crew - Frozen Time
Chilling Crew - Space Rumba
Chimera State - Serenity (Chillout Mix)
Chris Spheeris - Dancing With The Muse
Chris Spheeris - Enchantment
Chris Spheeris - Eros
Chris Spheeris - Looking Back
Chris Spheeris with Robert Cory - Kingdom In The Clouds
Christos Stylianou - Smell of Roses (V-Sag Dub Mix) feat. Maria Latsinou.flac
Coastline - Adriatic Sea (Lounge Cafe Chillout Del Mar Mix)
Coastline - Distant Sunrise (Original Mix)
Cold Blue - In Balance
Cold Blue - Oasis (Chillout Mix)
Conjure One - Damascus
Conjure One - Pilgrimage
Conjure One - Premonition (Reprise)
Craig Armstrong - This Love
Craig Armstrong - Weather Storm.flac
Cygnus X - The Orange Theme (Adrien Aubrun Private Ambient Remix)
Dash Berlin - Till The Sky Falls Down (Monokini Beach Mix)
D Billionare - Instrumental 2
D Billionare - Instrumental
D Billionare - The One
Digital Elvis & Zero - Theme From The Ocean
Dinka - Wuthering Heights (Tribute to Enigma Mix)
Dj ALex - Love You Orignal_Mix
DJ Cosmo feat. Joi Cardwell - Soul To Bare (Intro Mix)
DJ Cosmo - Miss You (Short Chillout Mix)
Dj Dado - Desert Of Sadness
Dj Shah - Arco Iris (Chillout Mix)
Dj Shah - Ar Lan Y Mor Mae (Chillout Mix)
Dj Shah - Balearic Feeling (Chillout Mix)
Dj Shah - Mellomaniac (Chillout Mix)
Dj Shah - Obsession (Chillout Mix)
Dj Shah - Poolshaker (Chillout Mix)
Dj Shah - Sunset Road feat. York (Chillout Mix)
Dj Shah - You Are The Sun feat. Santiago (Chillout Mix)
Dj T-Motion - Fly With Me (Chillout Mix)
Eagus - Made of space (Exclusive Track)
Endeavour - Across The Island (interlude )
En'deavour - Space Night Bubbles (Eno Motive Rmx)
Ennio Morricone - Chi Mai
En Voice - Hall Of Dreams
En Voice - Rising
Erik De Koning - Dream Flight (Chillout Mix)
Factoria - Revive (Soulful Soundscape mix)
Fakhr Al Din - Sidi Bel Abbes
Ferry Tayle - Revanche (Ferry Tayle Sit on the Sand mix)
Ferry Tayle - Revanche (Martin Grey s Ambient Intro Mix)
Fiona Joy Hawkins - From the Outside
Flam - Monsoon.flac
Fred Baker - Canon Ball (Fred Baker Chill Mix)
Fred Baker - Forever Friends (Chill Out Mix)
Frostbyte - Here forever
G-Force - Heaven's Creation (Original Mix)
Gheorghe Zamfir - Once upon a time
Gheorghe Zamfir - The Lonely Shepherd
Goaschuld - Minded Constellation (Original Version)
Green Sun - The First Birth
Green Sun - The Last Battle
Hans Zimmer And Lisa Gerrard - Now We Are Free
Hans Zimmer - Now We Are Free (W&D chill down mix) (Exclusive track)
Hans Zimmer - Tennessee
Harland - Here In The Dark (Tasos Panagis Chill Remix)
Hellsun - In the Cold of Love
Hemstock & Jennings - Mirage (Chillout Mix)
Icone presents Blue Manta - I Feel Lost (Marco Torrances Chill out mix)
Ingo Zielinski - The Door To Heaven (Short Chillout Mix)
Invisible Sounds - Paris feat. Elvenfox (Chillout Mix)
Jamal Al Said - Tea In Tanger
James Horner - Rose from Titanic.flac
Jan Wayne - Fruits And Passion (AVB Downtempo Mix)
Jan Wayne - Laments Of TheLost (Alucards Chilled Mix)
Jason Tyrello - When da sun is gone (Relaxation Mix)
John Dahlback - Everywhere (D.O.N.S. Vs. Tranquillo Chill Mix)
John Dahlbaeck - Everywhere (DONS and Tranquillo Chill Mix)
John Hetmond & Osip - Lungomare (David Osipiak Chillout Mix)
John Shew -Tears of Sound 007 (2nd Halt - W&D Chill Out Guest Mix)
Kamil Wrona - Hibernation (promo)
Karunesh - Rays Of Hope
Katie hope - Searching for the spirit
Kevin Kern - Fields of Gold
Kevin Kern - Joy Of The Journey
Kevin Kern - Light Spirit
Kevin Kern - Pearls of Joy
Kevin Wood - Bluebonnet Sonata
Kira B.M.J. - Stars Above the Beach (Original Mix) (2)
Kira B.M.J. - Stars Above The Beach (Original Mix)
Lagoona - Mana (Christian Rusch Remix)
Lange - Frozen Beach (Original Mix)
Leama & Moor Vs. Madonna - Frozen Waterdrop (MDB's Forgotten Vocals Ambient Mix)
Lexwood - I Love Trance (Lovebeat Chill Mix)
Loreena McKennitt -Tango to Evora
Lost Tribe - Gamemaster (Mandrake Chillout Breaks Mix)
Lowland - Cafe Del Mar
Lowland - Children
Lowland - Seven Cities
Lukas Termena - Destination (Exsive)
Lukas Termena - Lost in Admiration
Manvel Ter Pogosyan And Soren S - Sand In Your Shoes (Rising Morning Chillout Mix)
Marco Torrance - Dear Jacqueline (Original Mix)
MarcoTorrance - Dreamland Society
MarcoTorrance - Stranded Feelings (Original Version)
Mark Sherry presents Outburst - A Star Within A Star (Intro mix)
Mathieu & Florzinho - Maha-Amba.flac
Max Stone - Love Is (W & D Chilldown Remix)
Mesh - Purple Haze (Lancto's Breakdown remake)
Mike Foyle - Shipwrecked (Chillout Mix)
Mike Oldfield - Angelique (Teknipolis Version)
Minus Blue feat Emma Saville a200224 Be As One (Klangstein remix)
Moby 18 - Healing (Rework)
Modulation - Sky (Stefan Blomberg Chill Out Mix)
Motorcycle - As the Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden Chillout Mix)
Mystery Kids - Walk on clouds
New Age Kings - Illusion (Instrumental Remix)
Nick O'Sean - Sureness (Adrien Abrun Chillout Mix)
Nicos - Passione
Nicos - Secret Love.flac
Night Ray - Find The Trail (Sunset mix)
Nirvana Cafe & Govi - The Peace Within
Niyaz - Iman.flac
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Northern Skyline - Afterglow at Sunset
Note For A Child - Sea Of Sands
Nu Nrg - Eclisse (album version )
Nu Nrg - Eclisse
Ole Van Bohm - The Yearning (Theme From Mellomania Step 14)
Oliver Shanti & Friends - Alexanders Journey To The East
Oliver Shanti & Friends - Highlands - Darby De Von Simm
Omar Akram - Passage into midnight
Omar - Dancing with the Wind
Omar - Falling through the Rain
Omar - Last Dance
Omar - Never Let Go
Omar Richman - Casablanca Cafe
Omar - Shimmering Star
Omar - Trust Unspoken
Omar - Whispers in the Moonlight
Orkidea - Beautiful (Ambient Mix)
Para X aka Van Roezel - Soulfire (Chillout mix)
Pawel Mareyn - The World is Fine
Pedro Del Mar - A New Beginning (DJ Cosmo & Pedro Del Mar Intro Mix)
Pedro Del Mar feat. Emma Nelso - Feel (DJ Shah's Ambient Soul Remix)
Pervading call - Destiny (Adrien Aubrun Personal Ambient Remix)
Peter McCowan (Alucard) - Laments Of The Lost (Alucard's chilled Mix)
Pierre Belmonde - Fur Elise.flac
Polymental - Chapter One (DNS Project Chill Out Mix)
Qat - Iceland
Remot - 4 Seasons (Jmv chillout remix)
Reuben Halsey - The meaning of Life (Reubens Chilled Sunday mix)
Riccardo Eberspacher - Setira.flac
Rmb - Horizon (Spliffed Mix)
Robert Miles - Children (Orchestral Version)
Robert Nickson - Spiral (Chillout Mix)
Robin Youngsmith - Adagio (Dream Mix).flac
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Adrien Aubrun Private Remix)
Safri Duo - Adagio
Saint & Sinners - Peace (Michael Woods Mix)
Salt Tank - Sargasso Sea
Saltwater - The Legacy (Adrien Aubrun Private Ambient Remix)
Sandra - Forgive Me (Chill Out radio edit)
Schiller feat. Kim Sanders - Dancing With Lonelines (Chillout Version)
Schiller & Heppner - Dream of You (Chillout Mix)
Sean Summers - Reflections (Sean Summers & Hypersomnia Chillout Mix)
Secret Garden - Adagio.wav
Secret Garden - Appasionata
Secret Garden - Fields of Fortune
Secret Garden - Heartstrings
Secret Garden - Nocturne
Secret Garden - Passacaglia
Secret Garden - Sarabande
Secret Garden - Searching For The Past
Secret Garden - Serenade to Spring
Secret Garden - Sona
Secret Garden - Song from a Secret Garden
Sel-P - Our Beautiful Planet
Sensorica - Ex Animo
Sensorica - Sunlight Again
Seraphic - Sunset Rose chilldown mix
Shpongle - Around The World In a Tea Daze (Ott Rmx)
Silent Voices - Time of passion (short guitar mix)
Simonov and Nefedov - Anonymous Star (Eurostyx Ambient Remix)
Sinatic - Lost World (Original Mix)
Skydan - Ocean In her Eyes
Skye Shapard - Closer feat Mque (Chillout Mix)
Skysurfer - a new day has come
Snap! - Rame (Slomo Version feat. Rukmani)
Solar Stone - Jabberwock
Solarstone - Last Defeat (Part One)
Solarstone - Seven Cities (Ambient Dub)
Solarstone - Seven cities (orchestral version)
Soliqid - Sounds O Normandie (Ambient Mix)
Sonar - Moments In Love
Sonar - Theremin (Acoustic Mix)
Sorenn S - Sand In Your Shoes (Rising Morning Chillout)
Soren S. - Urban Night (Original Mix)
Souls In Motion - Sensual Illusion (Balearic Mix)
Souls In Motion - The Only (Dedicated To I.)
Stanislas & Calogero - des sentiments (Exlusive track mix)
Steve Gibbs - Uluru
Steven Force - Goodbye (Invisible Sounds Remix)
Steven Force - Goodbye (Michael Witness After Love Remix)
Steven Liquid & Kira BMJ - Venezia In Sogno (Chillout Mix)
Strachan - Story Of The Ocean
S-Tune - Flying With Sunset
Sunless - Life as Present
Sunlounger - A Balearic Dinner (FT Seis Cuerdas)
Sunlounger - Aguas Blancas
Sunlounger - Another Day On The Terrace (Album Mix)
Sunlounger - Balearic Breakfast(Chill)
Sunlounger - Crawling (Ft Zara).flac
Sunlounger - Hierbas Ibicencas
Sunlounger - Losing Again (Chillout Mix)
Sunlounger - Lost (chill)
Sunlounger - Mediterranean Flower [Chill Version]
Sunlounger - Shine On Me
Sunlounger - Spiritual Hideout (Chill Mix)
Sunlounger - Sunny Tales [Chill Version]
Sunlounger - Talk to me(chill)
Sunsplorer - Winter (Original Mix)
Synthetic Substance - Fulfilment Moment
Synthetic Substance Vs. Holden & Thompson - The Depth Of Ocean Vs. Nothing (MDB's_Mash-up)
Szeifert & Krash - 100 Miles From Home
Talvin Singh Disser Point.Mento.B
The Dreamline - Clown's Tears Offshore Wind Remix
The Movement - Rainmaker (Chillout Mix)
The Quest - C Sharp (W&D Chill Out Mix )
The Space Brothers - Beyond The Sun (Original Mix)
The Thrillseekers - Escape
Thierry David - Mahal kita (I Love You)
Titus meets DJ Space Raven - Contact By Sunlight (Titus Live Piano Mix)
Toltec - Ray Of Hope (Inverse Ratio Chillout Mix)
Tranquillo - As Days Go By (Album Version)
Tranquillo - Do You Really Love Me (Based On Mendelsohn) (Album Version)
Ulrich Schnauss - ... Passing By
Uranus - Constellations (Original Mix)
Vangelis - Prelude
Vangelis - Rachel's Song (feat. Mary Hopkin)
Vangelis - Roxane's Veil extended version
Velvet Girl and Colin Replay - Show Me The Way
Vibrasphere - Ensueno
Vibrasphere Feat. Iz - Tierra Azul (Vocal Version)
W&D - Catharsis (Slow Epic Mix)
W&D - Clear Blue Deep Intro (Original Mix)
W&D - Slide of Time (Chill Out Mix)
W&D - Sunrise (W&D Beauty Morning Full Mix)
W&D vs. Broning - Spring Madness (Chill Out Mix)
W&D - What May Dreams Come (Instrumental Short Chill Out Mix)
Wendy And Lisa featuring Shankar - Fire And Regeneration
Will B - Self Portrait (frostbyte remix)
Wise Hand - Spirit
Yan Leschenko - Walk In The Summer
Yanni -Adagio In C Minor.wav
Yanni feat. Michelle Amato - Jivaeri
Yanni - So long my friend
Yanni - With An Orchid
Yann Tiersen - Comptine d'une autre ete

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