VA - Assassins Creed Unity (Guillotine Edition) OST CDA 2014-wAx

MUSiC, Album. November 14, 2014 by Anonymous.

Chris Tilton - Assassin's Creed Unity, Vol, 1 Original Game Soundtrack [2014] [Soundtrack]
Ubisoft Music Inc. / CD
MP3 / V0 (VBR) / Scene

Like previous years, enjoy the AC ost from a new game (AC: Unity). With probably the current record for a new AC game with most bugs and least optimized for pc on day 1 to this date yet.

It seems last year there were more different ost's with different tracks for the black chest and buccaneer editions. And I didn't know that so sorry for the naming I used, I would have named it Black Chest Edition otherwise. (rant And i've allready payed you 150 euro for the guillotine edition and 70 euro for the rogue edition UBI, i'm not paying more to check the notre dame edition with this shitty launch, lame excuses and unfinshed gaming Fuck the reviews who gave this one good scores with your review embargo The Unity game is far from finished So fix it and fuck the microtransactions /rant)

There's more then 1 ost this year as well, so I named it as it is and it's the same as the notre dame edition from what I understand. Tracklist found with the eac db prog (BECAUSE UBI FAILED TO MENTION IT ANYWHERE) So let's hope it's right.

Music by Chris Tilton and Sarah Schachner. Additional music by Ryan Amon.

Please continue ranting and raving on ubi cause we want them to win the award for worst gaming company and take over that award from the now improving EA right?

01. Unity (03:58)
02. On Father's Watch (03:56)
03. Chase by Chase Basis (02:28)
04. Breach Party (02:25)
05. Versailles for Sore Eyes (02:50)
06. The Hard Cell (01:29)
07. A Leap of Faith (03:07)
08. Welcome to the Brotherhood (00:45)
09. Church and Destroy (02:28)
10. A Sneaking Sense of Liberty (02:51)
11. Waltz des Thunes (01:12)
12. A Mystery of Violence (02:46)
13. To Your Stealth (02:47)
14. Off with Their Heads (01:37)
15. Follow My Lead (02:05)
16. Just Jabbin (02:38)
17. Put Your Mind at Elise (01:58)
18. Innocent or Guillotine (02:03)
19. A Clash of Assassins (03:51)
20. Belle of the Balloon (05:01)
21. Monarch Enemy (03:56)
22. The Attainted One (01:55)
23. The Bottle of Solitude (03:52)
24. Arno's Return (01:41)
25. The Frame Game (01:47)
26. Battle Royale (01:38)
27. The Final Target (03:25)
28. Ou La Mort (03:23)
29. Nothing Is True (01:39)
30. Origins of a Revolution (01:42)

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