VA - 100 Hits Instrumental (2009)

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VA - 100 Hits Instrumental (2009)
Year: 2009 | MP3/320kbit/s | Tracks: 125 | Time: 11:52:43 | Size: 667.24 Mb
Genre: Instrumental


001.Antony Ventura - Love story.mp3
002.Blonker - Street Cafe.mp3
003.Carlos Santana - I love you much to much.mp3
004.D.Marouni - Space opera part 3.mp3
005.Fausto Papetti - I just call.mp3
006.Gina Orchestra - Girl.mp3
007.Francis Goya - Nistalgy.mp3
008.H.Zacharias - Never on sun day.mp3
009.J.Cruise - Twin peaks theme.mp3
010.G.Saxon - Only you.mp3
011.Francis Goya - Concerto pour une voix.mp3
012.James Last - Ambos polka.mp3
013.Ocarina - Song of Town.mp3
014.Richard Clauderman - Romeo and Julietta.mp3
015.P.Mauriat - Woman In Love.mp3
016.Ron Asprey - I will always love you.mp3
017.Stephan Nikolai - I will always love you.mp3
018.Vanessa Mae - Storm.mp3
019.Rondo Veneziano - Pulcinella.mp3
020.Richard Clauderman - Comparsita.mp3
021.P.Mauriat - El Bimbo.mp3
022.Miami Sound Machine - All because of you.mp3
023.Kenny G - Songbird.mp3
024.James Last - Night in white satin.mp3
025.Frank Duval - Ballade Pour Adeline.mp3
026.Fausto Papetti - Passion theme.mp3
027.Enio Morricone - Professional.mp3
028.Chet Atkins - Ave Maria.mp3
029.Fausto Papetti - Emmanuelle.mp3
030.Francis Goya - Romance of Love.mp3
031.J.Borelly - Senza una donna.mp3
032. Kenny G - Alone.mp3
033.P.Mauriat - Alouette.mp3
034.Richard Clauderman - Dolannes melody.mp3
035.Shadows - Sealed with a kiss.mp3
036.Stephan Nikolai - Without You.mp3
037.Richard Clauderman - Moon Sonata.mp3
038.P.Mauriat - Love Story.mp3
039.Kenny G - Havana.mp3
040.Max Gregor - Alla Figaro.mp3
041.Antony Ventura - Love Story2.mp3
042.Fausto Papetti - Little Flower.mp3
043.Francis Goya - I Can All.mp3
044.James Last - Sacrifice.mp3
045.Kenny G - Low Whisper.mp3
046.P.Mauriat - Good bye my love.mp3
047.Richard Clauderman - Elise.mp3
048.Stephan Nikolai - Goodbye my Love.mp3
049.Pandana - The good the bad & the ugly.mp3
050.P.Mauriat - Minuet.mp3
051.Kanny G - My heart will go on.mp3
052.Francis Goya - La raggazia di blue.mp3
053.Fausto Papetti - Road to Paradise.mp3
054.Damiah and F.Goya-Memory.mp3
055.Blonker - Amazonas.mp3
056.Francis Goya - Twilight Time.mp3
057.Jan Hammer - Crokett's theme.mp3
058.P.Mauriat - Goodfather.mp3
059.Kenny G - Feelings.mp3
060.P.Mauriat - Sur un air du Vivaldi.mp3
061.Fausto Papetti - Night.mp3
062.Francis Goya - Vote amo.mp3
063.P.Mauriat - Toccata.mp3
064.Stephan Nikolai - Panflute.mp3
065.Whitehall Mystery Orchestra-My serenade.mp3
066.Richard Clauderman - Seasons.mp3
067.Soul Ballet - Exotique.mp3
068.Sting - Ocean waltz.mp3
070.Nino Rota - Romeo and Juliette.mp3
071.Pourcell Orchestra - Besame mucho.mp3
072.Vanessa Mae - Classical gas.mp3
074.Max Gregor - Raindrops keep falling on my head.mp3
075.Keiko Matsui - Bridge over stars.mp3
076.P.Weekers - Wish you will here.mp3
077.Space - Running in the city.mp3
078.Vangelis - Sea Babe.mp3
079.N de Angelis - O solo mio.mp3
080.Jean Michel Jarre - Oxigen 4.mp3
081.R.Coniff - Shuberts serenade.mp3
082.Saint-Preux - Prelude pour piano.mp3
083.V.Cosma - Vladimir Cosma.mp3
084.J. Moroder - Dance Burst.mp3
085.Gino Orchestra - The wicked game.mp3
086.Francis Goya - Gipsy.mp3
087.Fausto Papetti - Careless Whisper.mp3
088.Candy Dulfer - Lilly was here.mp3
089.Dudley-Moment in love.mp3
090.F.Duval - Me to you.mp3
091.Elton John - Cheldorado.mp3
092.Gipsy Kings - Love and liberty.mp3
093.Hank Marvin & The Shadow - Kon-tiki.mp3
094.Chris Spheeris - Allura.mp3
095.Francisco Garcia - Besame mucho.mp3
096.Govi - Saills of you.mp3
097.D.Marinello - Sin Game.mp3
098.J.Holland - The last waltz.mp3
099.F.Garsia - Wants a woman.mp3
100.Michel Legrand - The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.mp3
101.Antony Ventura - Hotel California.mp3
102.Carlos Santana - Samba Pa Ti.mp3
103.B.Kaemfert Orchestra - Strangers in the night.mp3
104.Gary Moore - Spanish guitar.mp3
105.Shanin and Sepehe - Tears.mp3
106.Kenny G - Silhouette.mp3
107.D.Luca - Unchained melody.mp3
108.James Last - El Condor Pasa.mp3
109.Stephan Nikolai - Yesterday.mp3
110.Acoustic alchemy - The Nettinghill two step.mp3
111.Blonker - Indigo.mp3
112.Rondo Veneziano - La serenissima.mp3
113.P.Mauriat - El condor pasa.mp3
114.W.Murphy - A fifth of Beethoven.mp3
115.Armik - Rubia.mp3
116.Brancaster studio Orchestra - Careless Whisper.mp3
117.R.King - Deliah.mp3
118.Max Gregor - Raindrops keep falling on my head2.mp3
119.Enio Morricone - Le vent le cri.mp3
120.M.Snow - The X-Files.mp3
121.Alan Parsons - Mammagamma.mp3
122.B.Kaemfert Orchestra - Spanish eyes.mp3
123.C.Atkins - Michelle.mp3
124.Fausto Papetti - Sleeping Beach.mp3
125.S.Nilay - Goodbye my love goodbye.mp3



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