V.A. - Korea&Me OST Traditional Music from historical Korean Drama

Asia, Korean. April 14, 2013 by ranikid.

Special Selection / Traditional Music from historical Korean Drama

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Genre: Soundtrack Ballads Instrumental

1. Various Artists - Unleaded Love (Jeon Woo Chi OST)
2. Various Artists - Hidden moon court (The Moon that Embraces the Sun OST)
3. Various Artists - Sad Song (Warrior Baek Dong Soo OST)
4. Various Artists - The dim waiting (The Princess' Man OST)
5. Various Artists - Arang legend (Arang And The Magistrate OST)
6. Various Artists - Byeolgil roses (Chuno OST)
7. Various Artists - Dasoni hye yum (Arang And The Magistrate OST)
8. Various Artists - Empty (Rooftop Prince OST)
9. Various Artists - Jam yeong go (Ja Myung Go princess OST)
10.Various Artists - My Doyle consistent (Jeon Woo Chi OST)
11.Various Artists - Old Market (Faith OST)
12.Various Artists - Reminiscence (Iljimae OST)
13.Various Artists - Market streets (The Moon that Embraces the Sun OST)
14.Various Artists - Seo teol gu teol (Arang And The Magistrate OST)
15. Various Artists - Sul and walked some minor (Jeon Woo Chi OST)
16. Various Artists - Even in the fly wing to wing (Chuno KBS TV Drama)
17. Various Artists - Park Yeon - Dawn months (Ja Myung Go princess OST)
18. Various Artists - Dream of Arang (Arang And The Magistrate OST)
19. Various Artists - For right eousness (Jeon Woo Chi OST)
20. Various Artists - Rebellion (Warrior Baek Dong Soo OST)
21. Various Artists - Love Theme (Arang And The Magistrate OST)
22. Various Artists - Butterfly dance (The Moon that Embraces the Sun OST)
23. Various Artists - Sad wounds (Jeon Woo Chi OST)

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