Useful Tools For All Microsoft Windows & Office

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Useful Tools For All Microsoft Windows & Office
Useful Tools For All Microsoft Windows & Office | 52.47 MB

This is a pack consisting of the following tools:

1. Microsoft All Products Key Changer
These tools will allows to find and change WINDOWS XP,Vista, 7, 2008, and Office Product Key.

a. KeyChanger Office Edition 2.0.3

b. KeyChanger Windows Edition v2.04

c. Windows 7 Key Changer

d. Windows XP Key Changer

2. Microsoft Products PID Checkers
These tools will check Windows 7 key, and let you know if it is working or not!
Insert your key in "Product Key", then press "Check". If it is a valid working key, then it will give you the other information about the key. Otherwise, it fails the check, and this means that the key is not valid.

a. Microsoft PIDX Check

b. Online Microsoft Products PID Cheker

c. The Ultimate PID Checker v1.0.3.31

d. The Ultimate PID Checker v1.0.4.1

e. Windows 7 PID KEY CHECKER v.1.0.1

3. Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade CD-Key Generator
"No disks, no delays and no leaving the house. With Windows Anytime Upgrade, you can upgrade to a more advanced edition of Windows 7, say, from Home Premium to Ultimate in as little as 10 minutes. That way, you get to take advantage of extra features while keeping your current programs, files, and settings intact.

In the past, upgrading Windows could be a bit of a hassle. In Windows 7, the software you need comes preinstalled. You can buy an upgrade key online or from an authorized retail store.

Windows Anytime Upgrade is only available for online purchase in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States."

For upgrading for example Windows 7 Home Premium you have to go to:
Start--> in search bar enter anytime --->start anytime prog ---> start cdkey generator--->generate cdkey ---> enter CD-Key ---> GREAT SUCCESS. But, you could also start cdkey generator after upgrading.

4. Windows 7 OEM Partition Recovery Creator v2.1.1 By AnarethoS
The Purpose of this software is to:
* Create a recovery partition to allow easy and fast recovery to a working state of Windows 7.
* This is similar to the OEM recovery option used on brand name computers like DELL, HP or Compaq.
* This IS NOT a backup software. It should NOT be used to backup a full install of Windows 7 with your personnal files.

5. Windows ISO Verifier Tools
These tools can be used to retrieve the SHA1 hash for the chosen ISO and compares the SHA1 hash to the Microsoft official hashes. It also tells you the OS, Version, Processor Type (x86 or x64) and displays the SHA1 hash of the file. It is coded in Visual C# using Visual Studio 2010.

a. The Windows 7 ISO Verifier tool

b. Windows RTM ISO Verifier 2.0.2

6. Windows Key Update Tool
It contains a tool to update Windows XP key and an instruction how to update the key for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Install Notes
Install and use the given keys if required.


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