Typemock Isolator 5.4.5 (x86/x64)

Software. December 9, 2009 by Dizel.
Typemock Isolator 5.4.5 (x86/x64)

Typemock Isolator 5.4.5 (x86/x64) | 10.57 MB

Typemock Isolator is a .NET unit testing tool which enables developers to write simpler and maintainable unit tests. With Isolator, you can create fake objects and test against them, instead of testing against external code. This helps developers to eliminate dependencies, test their code in isolation and achieve better code coverage, ultimately saving time and money, and delivering their code in a shorter period of time.

The following technologies are supported for VB and C# unit testing:
* SharePoint
* SilverLight
* ASP.Net
* MS Office

With the Typemock Isolator mock framework, implementing Agile practices for .NET unit testing such as Test-Driven Development (TDD), Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) or Dependency Injection (DI) is simple and easy.


Typemock Isolator supports all versions of .NET and integrates with the best .NET development tools, including all versions of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and NCover, dotTrace, NUnit, MbUnit, Team System, TestDriven.NET, and more.

Typemock Isolator offers outstanding features, including:

* Ability to fake ANY concrete class and ALL members, including public, protected, private, virtual, nonvirtual, constructors and sealed classes
* Faking takes place on the fly and works even with 3rd part compiled assemblies (like SharePoint).
* Easy and usable Isolation API, giving you full control of your unit under test and its dependencies.
* No Strings attached - Isolator's API is refactoring friendly, and does not require you to use any strings in your tests.
* Create more robust and maintenance friendly tests - fake beahviors are more ressitant to code changes than any other framework.
* Support of ref and out arguments
* Complete generic support
* simple state-of-the-Art Arrange-Act-Assert API
* Fully recursive fake properties support (properties that return objects will return fakes)
* Supports properties and indexes
* You can now verify arguments while still call the original code!
* You can specify dynamically created fake value
* Enables you to validate the arguments passed to the fake types
* Supports .NET 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5

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