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Trials Fusion Update 1
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Trials Fusion Update 1 info:

Patch Notes

General Bug Fixes:
Issues with entering a password containing any type of special characters either in the registration or log-in screen have been fixed.
The Season Pass check mark indicating successful activation will now show if it was not before.
Fixed issue where scores were sometimes failing to update to the leaderboard.
Notifications will no longer disappear from the notification center after going back to the title screen.

Track Central:
When you mark a track as a favorite in Track Central, your selection will stay on that track.
After playing a track from Track Central and returning back to the menus, your selection should be on the last track you were playing.
The Track Central feed "Top Rated This Week" only updates when number of likes or dislikes has changed since the last day.
Fixed an issue that was making the client occasionally freeze when cancelling the launching of a custom track from Track Central.
Fixed an issue showing incomplete track lists when sorting tracks by Track Rating in Track Central.
Number of faults and time counter can now be observed on FMX tracks in Track Central Leaderboards
Saved searches in Track Central will no longer disappear if a player switches their Xbox Live accounts.
Top Rated feeds show only tracks released in the last 7 days.
Newest Beginner and Extreme feeds have been added.

Track Editor:
When testing a track in the Editor, you can now press the LB or L1 on first checkpoint to skip the countdown.
A Scroll bar has been added to various segments of the Track Editor
Fixed an issue where controls became disabled in the editor.
Fixed various errors causing crashes in the Track Editor

FMX tricks that push the rider forward in speed runs no longer will do this.

The local multiplayer menu has been updated to be more usable.
Zoom controls are no longer active in the Garage when other menus (Notification center, Player quick stats, customization window) are active.
Users are now able to adjust colors for Light Up The Skies wheel set in the Garage.

Fixed issues that were causing the client to freeze when closing the game from the in-game editor.
Fixed an issue that was causing a crash in the in-game editor when using "move building" command on the seed building.
Fixed random crashes when deleting object from clue group.
Fixed an issue that was causing a freeze when selecting a track and cancelling before choosing a bike in the garage.
Fixed a crash when booting the game and having "My Documents" folder on a network drive.
Game now generates memory dump when crashing that can be sent to the dev team to help to investigate the issue.

Garage loading time decreased.
New options have been added to the graphic settings menu to help user to tweak performances: soft particles, particle resolution, and foliage.
Different optimizations have been added for low end GPU.

Fixed gamepad sticks dead zone issue to make it on par with consoles' controllers.
Fixed keyboard controls on FMX, the biker won't automatically keep doing FMX tricks after one has been performed.
When reaching the 5th checkpoint in Marina Mania and playing with Eyefinity/Surround resolutions, the camera now behaves properly.

Mouse cursor now disappears when using the gamepad.
Camera no longer moves automatically in Biker and Rider menus.
Improved mouse wheel handling in several menus.
Setting game options to "Ultra" will now persist through subsequent booting.
Sound settings are now saved properly.

Steam Specific:
Fixed place holder dialog message appearing when trying to launch the title through Steam after Uplay has been uninstalled.

The mouse cursor no longer moves erratically when selecting objects.
The distance that an object can be selected with the mouse has been increased.
The layer menu and create object menu can now be navigated with the mouse.
Icons now fit in the screen for all resolutions.
Fixed random crashes when deleting object from clue group.


At first we decided not to comment on the CODEX statement nfo. But due some sites unnuked their release, we thought we'll waste more of our precious time.

Fair and square - CODEX stole our Ubisoft emulation code. NO, we wont post any more proofs, because it's rather silly to show more of our code into the public. Furthermore, we wont give CODEX the opportunity to get help in finding all of our "stealth" API calls inside the code.

If siteops want to keep our true proper release nuked, so be it, but at the least know why you're nuking - not because "old legends" tell you so.

CODEX, we even wrote to you, about our little discovery, before we pre'ed our true proper, but yet you have decided to keep silent.

And yes, we could proper more of your shit, but that's not important to us. .

We just want your dirty hands to be kept in your own pockets, and not inside our cookie jar.

And to all nukers - CODEX did set the wrong parameter for "CreateFile" API when it comes to "folders". We do use "GENERICREAD", cause of an important point, Windows simply dont allow "GENERICALL" without admin rights. That's another valid nuke reason.

End of story

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