Trials Fusion Proper-SKIDROW

Games, PC Games. April 27, 2014 by Anonymous.

Proper release Ubisoft Trials Fusion

In the past we used to protect our creations, but lately we have found out, that even the most functional cryptationtools, have certain limits when i comes to prevent it from stealing cpu resources.

Furthermore we have noticed, that some people that use our releases, sometimes have issues with our work being notified as dangerous, when they run them on machines with certain antivirus, spam, spyware etc. programs. Therefore we have decided to let our work, which is OUR work, be as clean and direct as you can get it.

Time went by, and The Leading Force wasn't living up to being The Leading Force on the outside, then we do keep on working on "something" within the group. And from time to time, release something to keep our fans happy - and nobody knows what the future brings. -)

While we do LOVE competition and challenges, so when new game iso groups rise, they for sure get our attention, when it comes to their work on emulating services as the wellknown Steam and Ubisoft ones.

These "protections" are not hard to do, but damn time consuming to build from the ground and up.

Some of these "new" groups have borrowed Steam emu-code and ideas from public places, and maybe even hired persons from these places too. That would at least explain why there stille are tags from those places inside their code.

Then a group like CODEX comes into the scene doing Steam and recently a Ubisoft protected game release - Trials.Fusion-CODEX.

While looking inside their emulationcode, we discovered something that was about to shock us completely.

It was OUR work, OUR emulator, and CODEX must be stupid to think, that we don't mark our code, but we had it clean on our screens, that CODEX are theives of our Ubisoft emu. 99 procent of all their API calls in the code is identical with ours.

We did of course plant several "stealth" API calls, that identify and tag our work. Yet those API calls are inside the CODEX emulation dlls.

Link above show one, out of many proofs of stolen code. It shows the original function written by the coder, using a global variable for another function. Basicially the way the coder wrote the API, to set the flag is unique, and simply copy and paste of our code by CODEX.

To finalize their CODEX stupidity - they set the wrong parameter for "CreateFile" API when it comes to "folders". We do use "GENERICREAD", cause of an important point, Windows simply dont allow "GENERICALL" without admin rights.

End of story

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