Tree Star FlowJo v7.6.3

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Tree Star FlowJo v7.6.3 | 118 MB

FlowJo software loads flow cytometry data and facilitates complex data analysis for flow experiments. FlowJo is very powerful, and can be used for many different types of experiments (outlined in our online manual). Tutorials.

Features Added:
-Sample properties in Workspace right-click menu
-Reagents in 'Edit Columns' listed according to parameter.
-Export WS to Excel added (from File menu)
-Save gates when deleteing group owned gates
-Editable text traits in Workspace
-Column width is based on file name and not gate names
-ACS shouldn't open own window
-Create Group From Selection added (also in Table Editor)
-Keep "FL-Reagent" pseudokeyword and "$P#S" keyword contents in synch
-Combination (Boolean) Gates - use +/- symbol instead of "~"
-Changed decimal precision to significant figures number
-Allow "duplicate gate" feature
-Allow $P#N keyword modification like in the mac version (with a warning)
-Ability to set the default workspace columns to always display certain keywords.
-Ability to highlight a group and still see group color

Table Editor
-Turn on heat maps from Menu or right click
-Pagination of tables is too wide
-Excel button to create direct CSV file
-Excel "open after save" is default
-Sig. Figs. Default
-Table headers don't transfer to LE

-Added preference for reading 2.0 section of Coulter files
-Added preference to make points in 3D scatter larger
-Change calibration parameter
-Population comparison - Platform added
-Population comparison - Apply All button
-Population comparison - Multiple controls
-Population comparison - Preserving viewing format sample to sample
-Population comparison - Color scheme

Layout Editor
-LE10 Contour Overlays
-Saving layouts which include external graphics retain the image''s absolute reference
-Placeholders should not print
-The iteration is set to sample by default
-Copy picture with gates to place FJML into clipboard
-New attributes for grids; "resize with chart" and "keep aspect ratio"
-Progress indicator when changing graph type in LE
-Deleting mutiple layouts at once
-Large Dots for Backgating
-LE graph gate font preferences
-Preference for filled histograms in the LE
-Changing line thickness/attributes for overlays simultaneously
-Drag multiple selections from WS to LE
-Copy plot from LE as Vector graphic (like Mac)
-Export graphics to PNG format in PPT

Graph Window
-Naming each quad gate
-Ctrl+R to reset existing graph window
-Version numbers quad gates in different fashion than the Mac
-Adjust nodes in quad gates
-Window title just shows file name
-Change fonts in statistics in GW
-Multiple duplicate graph windows (like Mac) added
-Pref to place annotation outside of gate
-Control disabled on Manual Gates
-Magnetic Gates added (like Mac)
-Click enter key to update dot plot number
-Have gate selected when opening a graph window
-Implemented Curly Quads
-Curly Quads should retain slope when background is adjusted
-Fill Histogram on Graph Window

File Formats
-Enhanced handling of ranges for Accuri, Coulter, Miltenyi files

-Autotransform uncompensated parameters
-Added a user-defined prefix/suffix for identifying Compensated parameters
-Ability to drag matrix to a sample group.
-Apply button for 'set transform values' dialog box
-Live compensation matrix editing (keystroke combinations, like Mac)

3D Viewer
-Add next/previous buttons to 3D viewer
-Up button to open graph window from 3d viewer
-Use more events in bubble plots
-Increase voxel slices more than 32
-Add back scroll for assigning colors to parameters

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