TrafficCompressor 2.0.409

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TrafficCompressor 2.0.409

TrafficCompressor 2.0.409 | 2.22 Mb

TrafficCompressor is a service that works like a universal compressing proxy server. It compresses on-the-fly all data sent and received over the Internet, for example web pages, e-mail, Usenet, ICQ messages and so on. As a result your Internet traffic may be decreased by up to 40% - 60%.

TrafficCompressor can be especially valuable for the Internet users who pay for traffic, for example GPRS and EDGE Internet users.

TrafficCompressor is not intended for high-speed Internet connections and for the users who download a lot of already compressed files (GIF, JPEG images, ZIP, MP3, Flash, video files and so on).

Current TrafficCompressor version does not support picture compression, therefore TrafficCompressor would be more valuable for the users who browse web pages with pictures turned off, and less valuable for the users who browse web pages with pictures turned on. Picture compression will be added in future versions of TrafficCompressor.
Also, TrafficCompressor can be helpful for the users of slow and congested Internet connections.

Of course, TrafficCompressor is not able to decrease absolutely any kind of Internet traffic, but it will help you to decrease your traffic as much as possible. The best compression ratio may be achieved on text-based, HTML-based, and XML-based pages, files, and messages.

Here are some key features of "TrafficCompressor":

· Decreases text-based, HTML-based and other compressible Internet traffic.
· Supports any web browser, any e-mail, Usenet, IRC, ICQ client, Windows Messenger, most of FTP clients and other client Internet software.
· Supports GPRS, EDGE, GSM/CSD/HCSD, dial-up, ISDN, and any other Internet connection type.
· Supports any ISP (Internet Service Provider).
· Accelerates Internet connection with data compression and multithreading data transfer (similar to download managers).
· Uses persistent server connection technology to speed up a new network connection establishment.
· Makes Internet connection more stable. TrafficCompressor prevents data transmission (web browsing, e-mail receiving and so on) interruption when short modem connection breaks occur.


· Dial-up, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, ISDN, cable modem, Radio Ethernet, Wi-Fi, ADSL, satellite Internet connection.
· Direct Internet connection without proxy server

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