Total Commander LightLair ML Portable [10/2010]

Software, Portable. October 22, 2010 by Muawia.

Total Commander LightLair ML Portable [10/2010] | 20.47 Mb

Total Commander DreamLair 2010.10 represents a software system based on the popular file manager Total Commander 7.55a. This assembly focuses on full replacement for the base Explorer Windows, and is positioned as a portable version of the operating system in the operating system. " Added settings, plug-ins and additional tools for viewing and editing files, as well as for basic computer maintenance, greatly enhance the functional file manager and provide optimum performance for maximum comfort in daily operation. All settings Total Commandera stored in the directory with the program, you can copy the installation folder in any directory or USB Flash-drive and use on any computer.

Distinctive features of the assembly TC DreamLair:
1. Self-contained set of optimally configured software and plug-ins for the daily work - there is almost everything you might need. At the same time, the assembly is not overloaded with third-party utilities that are not related to operating the system.
2. Ability to work without installation. Enough to write fixed or decompress the assembly on a USB-flash drive - and a portable system with your favorite settings and programs will always be with you on any computer.
3. Enjoyable and informative design - font, background and color of different types of files are not blind and do not irritate the eyes. Icon on the toolbar clear and demonstrable - on their appearance immediately clear call for a program or service they are responsible.
4. Adaptation to work on Windows XP and Windows 7 x32 and x64. Minimize the number of programs and settings that would not work in these operating systems. Wherever possible three-language interface is implemented in the file manager as well as programs and plug-in - English, Russian and Ukrainian.
5. Functional in most programs and plug-ins do not overlap. In the assembly are similar to features of the program and plug-ins, but each of them has its own distinctive features that are absent in other programs.
6. Several ways to start the tools and plug-ins, quick access to all available programs, system folders and functions through the toolbar and Start menu.
7. Expanded opportunities to work with files and directories - added utility for copying, searching, comparing, rename, restore, unlock files that have the features that otstutstvuyut with standard Total Commandere.
8. Assembly-oriented view, extracting and packaging a large number of different archives and installers - supported by most of today's installers and archive manager.
9. Large set of programs and plug-ins for viewing and editing the most popular file formats - documents, graphics, audio, video. Association of embedded viewer and editor with supported file types.
10. Small set of tools for maintaining and monitoring systems: information about the system, cleaning system and the registry setting, defrag, uninstall.
11. Chastoispolzuemyh small set of programs for the network and the Internet, as well as several additional utilities for various applications - to monitor and edit the registry, burn CDs, view passwords, working with clipboard, quick notes, calculator, notepad and other ...
12. Regular updating of components in the assembly, error correction and increased functionality.

LightLair - lightweight modification of the assembly that contains the minimum software and plug-ins.

Total Commander 7.55a
A complete set of Russification TC 7.50a Lite (Vlasov Konstantin Kazakov, Vadim)
AkelPad with plug-ins - a powerful free text editor
ChoiceEditor 1.95c - choice of editor programs for F4
IMPOMEZIA TC Color - Editing the color of files and folders
NTFS Links 1.21 - create hard links
TweakTC 6.03 SR-3 - tuner for Total Commander
Universal Viewer 5.4.0 - Viewer different files
Button to work with 7z SFX archives 0.12.4 (by gora)
Package ukraїnіzatsії Total Commander 7.50 (by Maximus)
Extended English Menus for Total Commander 7.55a (by petermad)

Atlantis Nova - view and edit files. Doc and. Rtf
CDSlow 4.0 - management of CD-DVD-drive
ColorConsole 1.82 - a convenient console
Everything - instantly search files (only works with NTFS)
LCISOCreator 1.1 - creating iso-files from the CD-DVD-ROM drive
Password Cracker - view passwords hidden with asterisks
SpaceSniffer - the distribution of information on hard drive
Spread32 2.04 - File Editor Excell
System Explorer 2.3.7 - control of the system
TheCalc 3.02 - multifunctional calculator
Unlocker 1.9.0 - unlock and delete files and folders
Virtual CDRom Control 2.1 - the virtual drive
WinMerge 2.13.14 - compare files and directories

7zip - Support of 7-zip archives
Catalog Maker 3.1.6 - creating a list of files
CHMDir 0.40g - support files. Chm
DiskDir Extended 1.67 - list of files and folders (the expansion. Cfg)
Gaup PRO - show-unpacking archives of the games
GifUnpack - unpacking gif-files
ICLRead - Work with files icl-(biblitekami Icons)
IMaGinator 2.0 - img file editor and ima
IShield 0.9.1 - work with the Cab-File
ISO 1.7.6 - Support for files. Iso
MhtUnPack 1.0.1 - Work with the mht-files
MSI Plus - packing and unpacking. Msi
MultiArc - Universal Packer plugin
NSCopy - copy unreadable
Puzzle 2.00 - encryption of files (file extension .666)

DirSizeCalc 2.15 - calculation of the size of folders
MediaInfo 0.5 - displays information about media files
ShellDetails 1.22 - use all the extensions Explorer

Back2Life for TC 2.4 - recover deleted files
BadCopy - copy damaged files
Device Manager 1.4 - Device Manager
Event NT - Event Log
ex2fs plugin 1.6 - support for Linux-sections
LAN Seeker 0.3.1 - Image of the network environment
NetworkAlt 0.2 - Image Resource Network
NTFS4TC 1.2 - view the entire contents of the NTFS
Plugin Manager 2.6 - Plugin Manager
Registry 4.8 - Registry Editor
Services 2.5b1 - local services
UnInstaller 1.8.1 - uninstall installed applications
Virtual Disk 1.31 Final - virtual disks
VirtualPanel - temporary panel
Wipe plugin (FS) 0.1 - permanently deleting files

ArchView - view information on the archives
DmpView 0.1 - view information on the *. dmp files
FileInfo 2.10 - Information about executables and libraries
Font 0.09 - view font files
ICLView v21.8.2009 - show icons in files
IEView 1.94 - to view native formats IE
Imagine 1.08.2010.07.24 - viewing and editing images
LinkInfo 1.51 - view and edit the lnk-file
MchQHFView - view history QIP
Mmedia 2.46 - viewing (listening), multimedia files
Office2007wlx 0.0.4 - Image file Office 2007 files
ScrList 1.0 - View screen savers
SWFView 1.3.4 - view flash movies
TCTorrent 1.0.2 - View information from the torrent files
VisualDirSize 1.3b6 - graphical overview of the files and folders

7-Zip 9.17 beta
ACE 2.60
ARJ 3.10
CAB 0.63
LHA 2.67
RAR 3.93
UC2 3.00
UHA 0.6b
UPX 3.06w
innounp 0.35
7-Zip SFX 1.5.1799

Changelog (Version History) assembly:
Total Commander LightLair 2010.10
[^] ColorConsole 1.82
[^] System Explorer
[^] Innounp 0.35
[^] 7-Zip 9.17 beta
[!] Improved icons
[!] Fixed bugs

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