Topaz DeJPEG v4.0.1 plugin for Adobe Photoshop Win [32/64-bit]

Software, System Tools. June 5, 2010 by imfamous.
Topaz DeJPEG v4.0.1 plugin for Adobe Photoshop Win [32/64-bit]
Topaz DeJPEG v4.0.1 plugin for Adobe Photoshop Win [32/64-bit] | 20.6 MB

Topaz DeJPEG - Restore optimal JPEG image integrity with the advanced JPEG enhancement tools in Topaz DeJPEG. It is the best way to enhance JPEG picture quality by eliminating JPEG artifacts, fuzziness, and image blur. The intuitive but powerful tools in Topaz DeJPEG ensures that each JPEG image looks as good as it can possibly be.Topaz DeJPEG is the first of its kind to use optimal algorithms to efficiently remove JPEG compression artifacts while preserving image detail. It provides unparalleled image enhancement features and combines them with powerful artifact recognition capabilities - giving you ultimate control over the quality of your JPEG image.
• 16 Bit Support - Topaz DeJPEG supports both 8-bit and 16-bit RGB color modes.
• PSCS4 Compatible - Topaz DeJPEG is fully compatible with the latest Photoshop versions on both Mac and Windows. Topaz DeJPEG is also fully compatible with Windows 64-bit Photoshop CS4.
• Smart Filter - Topaz DeJPEG is a smart filter and supports non-destructive editing by using Photoshop smart objects.
• Multi-Core Optimized - Topaz DeJPEG is completely optimized for computers with multiple CPUs for faster processing.

Topaz DeJPEG is ideal for anyone who works with JPEG images.
- Professional wedding photographers use DeJPEG to ensure their large batch of high-quality JPEGs look as good as if they shot it in RAW.
- Designers who work with web images find DeJPEG invaluable for rescuing otherwise unuseable pieces of stock photography.
- Point and shoot and camera phone users take advantage of DeJPEG's extensive artifact reduction capabilities to enhance the quality of their snapshots.
- Any photographer who makes use of JPEG images find DeJPEG highly useful to restore image integrity otherwise lost by JPEG compression.

- Adobe Photoshop 7 through CS4
- Adobe Photoshop Elements 1 through 8
- or another editor that supports Photoshop plug-ins. These include: Irfanview, PaintShop Pro, etc.

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