Topaz Clean 3.1.0 Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop

Software, Graphic & Design. May 7, 2014 by samura1.

Here's the new update of the Advanced edge and texture control plug-in Topaz Clean 3..

Topaz Clean is a powerful detail smoothing and edge stylization plug-in that simplifies advanced techniques typically used for creating smooth, flawless skin and curly, vectorized effects - allowing you to quickly and easily reduce or remove the depth of detail within images, while maintaining important structural detail and enhancing edges.

You can achieve a variety of smoothing, detail flattening and edge enhancement techniques with the Topaz Clean plug-in. With just a few clicks, you can selectively control the appearance and intensity of detail in your photographs - or eliminate them all together.

Unique and stylized edge manipulation.
- Give images unique edge effects that adds an extra punch to the photo. Topaz Clean's unique edge detection and smoothing functions give you the ability to create some very interesting effects.
- Well-defined or stylized lines are just a few of the creative techniques achievable in Topaz Clean.

Advanced skin cleaning and smoothing
- One of the most popular uses for clean is portraiture because it allows you to easily create smoother, cleaner and clearer skin. Topaz Clean can improve skin appearance, while preserving major facial features and tiny but important skin detail.
- Clean's ability to preserve the contours and overall skin integrity make it a great tool for enhancing skin appearance. Use Clean to optimally removing the less desired details such as: medium-sized discolorations, blotches, wrinkles, scars, crows feet and under-eye bags.

Highly selective texture control
- Texture control is another common use for Topaz Clean. You can evenly apply or smooth out texture across your image for a well-balanced look. - Topaz Clean even includes a convenient Skin Even preset to quickly touch up skin. Hover for before/after.

Stylized edges and lines
Accent and sharpen edges and lines in your image to create curly, stylized and vector-like effects.

Artistic detail flattening
Strip away image texture, detail and depth to create artistic detail flattening effects.

Topaz Clean offers a simplified workflow that features 9 intuitive sliders that make it easy to achieve a variety of smoothing and edge enhancement effects. These controls are divided into three groups: Clean, Edges, Color, and Texture.

Create images with beautiful edges and texture effects.
The most control you'll ever get over edges and texture. Apply a wide range of effects to your photos, from natural skin smoothing to highly stylized edge and texture effects.


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