Tokyo Tower [JDrama Series 2007] Completed

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Tokyo Tower [JDrama Series 2007] Completed

Title: 東京タワー
Title (romaji): Tokyo Tower
Tagline: オカンとボクと、時々、オトン
Tagline (romaji): Okan to Boku to, tokidoki, Oton
Tagline (English): Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad
Genre: Family, drama
Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Broadcast date: 2006-Nov-18
Air time: Saturday 21:00
Subtitles: English (Softsubs)

The drama is based on the autobiographical book by Lily Franky.
Nakagawa Masaya (Hayami Mokomichi) has always been a bit of a “mama’s boy”, but as he grows older, his mother’s mannerisms start to get on his nerves. With no real goal in mind, he escapes to Tokyo.
Leaving behind his Okan (Baisho Mitsuko), Ma-kun finds himself struggling to live on his own. Can he survive without Okan’s guiding hand? What will he do when he realizes that Okan’s hand may disappear from his life forever?



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