Tokyo Jihen - Kyoiku [2004]

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Tokyo Jihen (Tokyo Incidents)'s 1st album. Contains 12 songs.

Tokyo Jihen - Kyoiku [2004]
Release Release 発売日: 2004.11.25
Quality フォーマット: FLAC
Genre ジャンル: Pop
Rate オススメ: ★★★★★

"日本のポップスとしてなくてはならない、ただ演りっ放しの音楽"(椎名林檎所信表明より)を発信していく場として結成されたバンド「東京事変」、待望のデビューアルバムが遂に完成!! 椎名林檎作品はもちろんのこと、バンド・メンバーの曲をレパートリーに取り上げ、今までにないシンプルながら骨太なバンド・サウンドで新境地を披露。全 12曲収録。

The Kyouiku (Very Good, Unique Album) ★★★★★
An amazing album from Tokyo Jihen, their first one to be exact. with Shiina Ringo as frontman and 4 talented musicians backing her up, this album is a must-get for all rock and music fans. the album starts with a really rock out version of 'ringo no uta' (Shiina Ringo's last single as a solo artist) and from the first song, u'd b hooked. the album includes the 2 singles, gunjo biyori and sounan. the album contains song ranging from mellow jazzy songs lik nyuusui negai and genjitsu ni oite to rock songs lik crawl and ringo no uta. u'll enjoy every minute of the album. this is definitely the album to check out.

Size: 323.94MB (flac)
File name: 130312-TokyoJihen-Kyoiku2004-flac

1. 林檎の唄 (Ringo no uta)
2. 群青日和 (Gunjyou biyori)
3. 入水願い (Jyusui negai)
4. 遭難 (Sounan)
5. クロール Crawl)
6. 現実に於て (Genjitsu ni oite)
7. 現実を嗤う (Genjitsu wo warau)
8. サービス (Service)
9. 駅前 (Ekimae)
10. 御祭騒ぎ (Omatsuri sawagi)
11. 母国情緒 (Bokoku jyoucho)
12. 夢のあと (Yume no ato)

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