TheBrain Technologies PersonalBrain v4.5.1.6

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TheBrain Technologies PersonalBrain v4.5.1.6 // DVT
Your Brain can have it all.
Files, Web pages and applications-all linked the way you think!

PersonalBrain helps you organize all your Web pages, contacts, documents, emails and files in one place so that you can always find them - just like you think of them. This saves you time and makes your life easier! With PersonalBrain you can even find related items that you worked on, but forgot existed.

PersonalBrain is simple to use. In fact, you've already been using TheBrain technology to navigate our Web site. PersonalBrain gives you the power to create a Brain for your own desktop!

PersonalBrain 4 takes TheBrain's dynamic visual interface and information organizer to the next level with over 65 new features including:
>> Expanded Views
>> Advanced Search
>> Zoomable Icons and Themes
>> HTML Export
>> Multiple Attachments per Thought
>> And More!

PersonalBrain 4 also offers advanced rendering capabilities such as anti-aliasing, transparency, zoomable image icons, shadows, improved layout, and powerful expanded views.

Expanded Views
PersonalBrain's expanded views let you open and view multiple generations of Thoughts at once. This feature is critical for impact assessment, network mapping, risk management analysis and users who want the big picture on their thinking. You can even print out poster size maps with the advanced multi-page printing features.

Zoomable Icons and Images
PersonalBrain 4 user interface features zoomable icons and images. So you can instantly view images. This is great for designers who need to reference images, sales people who want to showcase materials and products, and anyone who has images that need to be viewed easily.

Advanced Search
PersonalBrain 4's advanced search indexes and searches not only Thought names but document contents and even Web pages with a single search command. PersonalBrain 4 Windows supports searching within over 200 file formats including Word, PDF, PowerPoint, and Excel files.

Enhanced Personalization
With smoother links and Thought rendering, as well as translucent Thought backgrounds and shadows, you can add any wallpaper and use PersonalBrain Themes for convenient personalization. Your Brain becomes your conceptual space complete with color and style that reflects your personality.

Additional Features

Advanced Editing

PersonalBrain 4 makes it easier to edit and maintain your Brain with mass selection of Thoughts and the ability to add multiple attachments per Thought.

Outlook Integration
Users of Outlook can take advantage of new Outlook integration abilities that include emailing attachments from your Brain and drag and drop of live Outlook contacts.

HTML Export
Sharing your Brains with others has never been easier with the ability to export your Brain as HTML in outline format or as a SiteBrain, complete with animation.


(Size: 20.96 MB)

Download File

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Install Notes

1. Unpack & Install
2. Use KeyFileMaker
3. Put info.bin into programs preferences dir
Vista : \Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\PersonalBrain
WinXP : \Documents & Settings\<user>\Application Data\PersonalBrain
Linux and Mac : /yourhome/.TheBrain or /yourhome/.PersonalBrain

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