The Ultimate Mass Workout

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The Ultimate Mass Workout

The Ultimate Mass Workout
English | 2009 | PDF | 6.4 MB

The single best mass-boosting exercise for every bodypart (based in MRI, EMG and independent research studies), including start/finish photos for each, tips on precise performance and prime X-Rep position. There’s also a complete beginner’s step-by-step program to get you started right if you’ve never lifted before or are coming back to the gym after an extended layoff.

-Direct/Indirect Training: How to organize your workouts so it appears as if you train each bodypart once a week, but you really train each twice due to residual, or indirect, work. (This is an amazing time-saving, mass-building concept you have to try!)

-Ultimate Anabolic Acceleration: How to maximize growth hormone activation in the gym, which not only builds muscle but burns off layers of muscle-blurring fat. (It’s one of the fastest ways to get wicked, eye-popping muscularity, and proper use of X Reps is a great way to get a GH surge.)

-The Evolution of X-Rep Training: Why it’s better than isometric holds and the reason X Reps are most effective at the end of a regular set as opposed to by themselves as partials-only sets. (It has to do with the size principle of muscle fiber recruitment—it’s like a domino effect in which the low-threshold motor units fire first followed by the intermediates followed by the high-threshold motor units—so you develop as many fiber types as possible for maximum muscle size. Despite what some so-called experts say, fastest gains in mass depend on developing all fiber types!)

-X-Rep training fused with full-ROM Positions-of-Flexion programs: Max out total fiber growth and blow up every bodypart with the next generation of full-range, efficient POF training programs stacked with X Reps.

-50 Ultimate Mass Tactics: Everything from muscle shaping to testosterone production to warming up to exercise tweaks so you can turn your body into a lean mass machine.

-Ultimate Mass Nutrition: How to feed your muscles for maximum growth, including 15 critical tips on eating for more muscle, along with the meal-by-meal Ultimate Mass Diet.

-Our Complete X-Rep Transformation Routine: The exact program we used to make our amazing one-month metamorphosis. (We made better gains with this program than any other in our 10 years training together.)

-Full-Color Bodypart-Specific Before and After Pictures: Taken one month apart during our X-Rep experiment (including bigger arms, fuller more striated chest, larger more detailed legs).

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