The Signs of Love (未来予想図 ~ア・イ・シ・テ・ルのサイン~) 2007

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The Signs of Love (未来予想図 ~ア・イ・シ・テ・ルのサイン~) 2007

The Signs of Love (未来予想図 ~ア・イ・シ・テ・ルのサイン~) 2007
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Movie: The Signs of Love
Romaji: Mirai Yosouzu -Aishiteru no Signs-
Japanese: 未来予想図 ~ア・イ・シ・テ・ルのサイン~
Director: Hiroshi Chono
Writer: Kyoko Inukai
Producer: Takayoshi Kobayashi, Mariko Mizukawa
Cinematographer: Takuro Ishizaka
Release Date: October 6, 2007
Runtime: 115 Min.
Studio: Shochiku
Distributor: Shochiku
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan

A beautiful love story based on two smash hit songs from a popular band DREAMS COME TRUE, "Mirai yosouzu" and "Mirai yosouzu II" (meaning "a picture of [our] future"). A young couple Sayaka Miyamoto and Keita Fukushima attending the same university believing that their love for each other will never end. However, as time goes by and they graduate, their future starts to part as they both begin moving forward to capture their own dreams. The heart-wrenching story travels from Tokyo to the beautiful setting in Barcelona, as their paths cross once again. Will they be able to find a future together that they have rendered in the past?

Nao Matsushita - Sayaka Miyamoto
Terunosuke Takezai - Keita Fukushima

Supporting Cast:
Mina Fujii - Asuka Miyamoto
Taizo Harada - Takumi Inoue
Ken Ishiguro - Daisuke Goto
Masaya Kato - Yoshiro Nakajima
Keiko Matsuzaka - Yoko Miyamoto
Kaori Miyakoshi - Yumiko Matsutake
Naomi Nishida - En Inoue
Megumi Seki - Miki Muramoto
Tomohisa Yuge - Minoru Hirao

The Signs of Love (未来予想図 ~ア・イ・シ・テ・ルのサイン~) 2007

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