The Fall UPDATE 1.5-CPY

Games, PC Games. January 24, 2015 by Anonymous.

Release DOX
Note: TheFallEpisode1-FANiSO is required

Changes with this build:

Fixed a freeze that happens if players take too long durring one of the final combat sequences, in the hallways heading up from the mainframe (the area with the hanging droids in the background). This bug also occured durring the final fight with the caretaker.
Fixed a bug where some global variables didn't reset properly between saved games, creating unpredictable behaviour if a player switched save files.
Fixed a bug where the caretaker (end boss) didn't properly play a transition animation if it hit a wall while pouncing a the player. caretaker now plays a transition animation before pouncing again.
Fixed a bug where starting a new game in an occupied save slot could erase the data in the wrong slot.
Fixed a bug where the fish on the first level of the mainframe passageways could be shot below the water, breaking the puzzle and making the game impassable.
Fixed a bug where players could perform a take-down on an aggrovated enemy, if they turned their back to it while standing very close.
Fixed several occurances where the game would very briefly freeze before the start of a dialogue moment.
Fixed animation bug where enemy take-down animations weren't aligning properly if initiated from the right side.
Fixed a bug where caretaker could sometimes get in a glitchy "pounce loop" if pouncing while the player was pinned to the wall.
Fixed a bug where the first fish would stop jumping if the player started it jumping and then when up and down the elevator.

Small rendering optimizations to slightly improve framerate.
Joystick sensitivity has been decreased while aiming horizontally. This should make all combat *much, much* easier.
Added an in-game brightness adjustment option.
Alphebetized kickstarter backers in credits.
Enemy security droids now have a bit more room on the left side of low cover, which looks much less stupid.

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